Transit of Venus in Leo – July 7, 2023

Transit of Venus in Leo – On July 7, 2023, at 3:59 am, Venus will transit into Leo from Cancer. Venus will later go into retrograde on August 1, 2023, and return to Cancer on September 4, 2023. It will transit again in Leo on October 2, 2023, at noon.

Transit of Venus in Leo

Venus, also known as the demon guru, brings comfort, luxuries, and love in life. It influences intimate relationships, marriage, wealth, and material comforts. The position of Venus in the horoscope determines these outcomes. Venus rules Taurus and Libra, but its influence is weak in Virgo. It is exalted in Pisces, bestowed by Lord Shiva. Venus is associated with artistry and individuals with a strong Venus in their horoscope possess artistic qualities. A well-placed Venus brings comfort and abundance, while a weak Venus can lead to challenges in love, finances, and relationships. It can also contribute to health issues.

Let’s find out the effects of Transit of Venus in Leo and associated remedies to consider:


For Aries natives, the transit of Venus in Leo will strengthen your love relationship and fulfill your deepest desires. Your words will have a strong impact and you will be devoted to your partner. New romantic opportunities may arise if you are single. Your magnetic personality will attract others, benefiting professions in design, event management, and the arts. Financially, you will experience growth and job changes may occur. Business prospects are favourable. Students will excel in their studies, and overall health will improve. Past issues will be resolved.
Remedy: Offer rice kheer to Maa Durga and young girls on Friday, and also distribute it as prasad.


For Cancer natives, the transit of Venus in Leo will bring happiness to your family life. There may be a celebratory event with guests at your home. Consider buying a beautiful new vehicle and shopping for essential items. Take care of your mother’s health and seek proper medical advice if needed. Property disputes may arise, requiring court visits. Students will have a successful period of learning and preparation for competitive exams. There is a possibility of obtaining a bank loan and selling property. Your position at work will be good, but additional efforts are needed for business progress.
Remedy: Chanting the Venus Mantra will be beneficial for you.

Transit of Venus in Leo – Gemini

For Gemini natives, the transit of Venus in Leo will have a positive impact on their social life. The number of friends can increase, along with closer relationships in love. You will go to great lengths to make your beloved happy. Spending time with friends and going on short trips will bring joy. Colleagues at work will support you, leading to a favourable position. Business-related travel will be beneficial. Exploring old interests can bring happiness and financial gains. However, be cautious of external interference in love relationships. Relationship with your spouse will improve, and overall, there will be peace and happiness in the family.
Remedy: Chant Venus mantras on Fridays to receive the blessings of the Venus planet.


The transit of Venus in Leo is favourable for Cancer natives, as Venus rules their 4th and 11th houses. It will enhance your personality and improve your speech, making it more convincing and sweet. Financially, you will experience strong gains, increasing your bank balance and income sources. Long-term investments can be profitable. Your relationship with family members will grow stronger, and socially, your family’s reputation will rise. Business progress is indicated, but it requires hard work. Job seekers should focus on their work. Personal life will be filled with happiness, good food, and the possibility of auspicious family events.
Remedy: Worship Lord Shri Ram.


The transit of Venus in Leo is highly beneficial for Leo natives as it occurs in their own sign. Your personality will become more attractive and magnetically appealing, drawing people towards you. Confidence will be high, leading to success in your endeavours. This transit also positively impacts your married life, enhancing love, romance, and intimacy. Love relationships will deepen, and business will progress. Job seekers should strive for a balance between work and family life. It is important to treat everyone equally and avoid favoritism.
Remedy: Present a gift to your spouse.


The transit of Venus in Leo for Virgo will enhance foreign contacts and expand foreign business opportunities. If you are engaged in business with foreign countries or companies, you can expect significant benefits during this period. Your desire to travel abroad may also be fulfilled, including job-related opportunities. Travel, while increasing expenses, will also bring comfort and allow you to indulge in hobbies and religious activities. However, an imbalanced lifestyle may impact your health, leading to issues such as eye pain, chest discomfort, and digestive problems.
Remedy: Recite the Shri Sukta for better results.


The transit of Venus in Leo brings financial strength and wealth, with continuous income growth and removal of obstacles. Pending projects and financial struggles will now be completed, restoring confidence and enabling wealth accumulation. Consider starting a new business or investing in an existing one to strengthen your economic position. You will be socially active, enjoying the company of new friends and improving relationships with senior officers. Business owners will benefit from social connections and witness business expansion, while family life will be filled with happiness.
Remedy: As a remedy, recite the Chalisa of Goddess Mahalakshmi.


The transit of Venus in Leo is crucial for the career of Scorpio natives. Challenges may arise in your job, with potential adversaries plotting against you behind the scenes. It is important to stay focused and dedicated to your work to overcome these difficulties. Business owners, on the other hand, will experience growth and recognition, with increased demand for their products or services. Family life will be harmonious, with support from loved ones and blessings from parents. Students will achieve favourable results and should exercise caution in trusting others or lending money.
Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva daily and apply white sandalwood paste to the deity.


The transit of Venus in Leo for Sagittarius natives can bring fluctuations in various aspects of life. The relationship with the father may experience ups and downs, with misunderstandings and differences arising. Despite this, there will be deep respect and blessings for each other. Inner peace may be slightly disturbed, so careful consideration before taking any action is advised to avoid hasty mistakes. Engaging in religious and spiritual activities will be fruitful, leading to success and respect in society. Financial gains from different sources are possible, and married individuals will have a favourable time, enjoying happy journeys together. Business trips can contribute to the growth of the business. Higher education students will achieve success and gain recognition. Government policies may benefit you, and opportunities for new learning experiences will arise.
Remedy: Offer akshat (unbroken rice grains) on Shivling on Fridays.

Transit of Venus in Leo – Capricorn

During the transit of Venus in Leo, Capricorn natives may experience some upheaval in their lives. There is a possibility of spending money on secret pleasures, initially seeming enjoyable but potentially leading to financial problems and health issues. Employees need to work hard for favourable returns, while business owners may face ups and downs and disappointment. Students engaged in research can make satisfying discoveries. Repaying loans is favourable, but taking new loans should be avoided. Property investments may yield profits. Legal cases may take time and pose challenges. Married individuals can find happiness and prosperity with their spouses. Students may encounter educational challenges. Taking care of health and controlling eating habits is crucial for disease prevention.
Remedy: Serve Gau Mata (cows) on Fridays.


Venus transit in Leo brings happiness and prosperity to Aquarius natives in their married life. Misunderstandings will be resolved, increasing closeness and intimacy. Opportunities for romance will arise, strengthening trust and bringing partners closer. Joint businesses with your spouse will flourish, and partnership ventures will expand. Employees will succeed with extra effort. Family time will be enjoyable, and import-export professionals will profit. Engaging respectfully with women will bring a good reputation. The desire to visit religious places will awaken, bringing spiritual benefits. Students need to work hard, and love relationships will thrive.
Remedy: Wear a silver ring on your ring finger every Friday.


The transit of Venus in Leo is not very favourable for Pisces natives. Health issues like stomach ache, indigestion, and digestive problems may arise, especially for those with diabetes. It is important to take care of your health during this time. At work, your position will be favourable, but be cautious about using abusive language towards women as it can harm you. Expenses may slightly increase, and there may be ups and downs in your relationship with your spouse. For business people, this period can be favourable, but be vigilant against opponents who may try to disrupt your business. Students will experience favourable success, and love relationships will strengthen.
Remedy: Offer red clothes or red flowers to Mata Parvati on Fridays.