Transit of Mercury in Leo – 1st August 2022

General Introduction

Mercury’s transit on leo is starting from 1st August 2022 and it will big effects on each sun sign. For people with Leo sunsign, this transit will enhance their confidence and sharpen the brainpower. Presence of Mercury in Leo sun sign makes the person unbeatable and can be reason of rude behavior and ego sometimes. One will undergo drastic changes in their behavior during this period. You won’t love to listen to advice of others. You may think that their suggestions are not enough for you and this can later make you feel regretted. This transit will be favorable from financial point of view because they will have some secret source of earning. On the other hand, few people can face problems in their life due to this transit but they can achieve success through hardwork. Let’s see what effects the transit of mercury will leave on all 12 sun signs –

Impact on Aries – Transit of Mercury in Leo

The transit period of mercury will influence the fifth house in Aries which is related to love, romance and kids. You will feel more energetic and enthusiastic towards your efforts. This period is supportive for students preparing for competitive exams as they will be able to focus well on studies. Professionals have chances promotion and they will receive recognition and appreciation of seniors for their work. Increase in income, financial strength and better communication skills can be expected. The transit period is good for romantic relationship too and you can have better understanding with your partner. Health will be good but little stress can come to your way that can be eased with meditation and yoga.

Solution – Wear new clothes only after washing them.

Impact on Taurus – Transit of Mercury in Leo

Mercury will affect the fourth house during transit which is related to mother and comfort. You will be stable and strong towards your goals. Your communication skills will be better which will help you gain favor of other people. If you are planning to start something new, this is the best period for you. From financial point of view, you can invest on movable property. Your relation with the family and partner will be good and you will spend happy moments with them. Couples will enjoy good time with their partners and those who are married, will be happy with their children. You will see your children are becoming better in learning skills and more intelligent. Take special care of your mother’s health.

Solution – Offer rice and milk in temples.

Impact on Gemini – Transit of Mercury in Leo

This transit period of mercury will leave effects on third house of Gemini people i.e. it will influence communication, small journey and siblings. You will be more energetic and enthusiastic. Your relation with your siblings will be better and they will support you in your goals. Apart from this, you will pay more attention on your fitness and will participate in physical activities like exercise and games. People who are in writing profession will find this time favorable for them and they will attract their readers. For other professionals, the chances of promotion and transfer are more. People having their own occupation may travel for making new clients/customers.In personal life, you may face problems. You need to be careful regarding your behavior and communication. You may also be seen dominating your siblings. An increase in your expenses can happen, so be careful and pay attention upon savings and investments.

Solution – Feed cow before having meal.

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Impact on Cancer – Transit of Mercury in Leo

Mercury is lord if third house for cancerians. The transit period will influence your money, family and language. You will spend more upon domestic products, instruments and family related matters. You are advised to avoid making big investments; it may lead to lose. Apart from this, worries can make you undergo stress in daily life. In profession, your hardwork will pay if you are into family business. Salaried people will gain favor of their seniors which will be supportive for their career. People having their own occupation have possibility of earning good money. Things will be settled in personal life and your relation with family and your partner will be good. Mental stress can occur so you need to take care of your health.

Solution – Drink water in silver glass.

Impact on Leo – Transit of Mercury in Leo

Mercury is lord of second and eleventh house for leo people so it will affect the personality and character. The transit period is favorable for professional life and you will get opportunity to convert your hurdles and difficulties into fruitful results. Salaried people will be lucky to gain new achievements. You will be able to make new contacts with important people and reach heights. There are chances of increment in income and promotion. From financial point of view, you can have more than one source of income. Investments done earlier will be fruitful. Overall the transit period will be like a boon for your financial condition. Personal life will be average and you are advised to meet people with gentleness and modesty. You need to take care of your health and manage your daily routine. Avoid worries and stress.

Solution – Fasting on Wednesday will be helpful

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Impact on Virgo – Transit of Mercury in Leo

Mercury is lord of second and tenth house for Virgo people and it is related to salvation, expenses and foreign profits. Virgo people need to control their expenses during the transit period as it may leave negative impact on their financial condition. You can spend unnecessarily which will cause imbalance in your financial equilibrium. So manage your finances well. Professionals will find this period favorable. They will receive appreciation and motivation for their works. People having their own business will earn good profit and also they can plan foreign trips for business. This period will be average for the family life and you can have little arguments with your partner. You are advices to keep calm and stay away from controversies. You can face health problems and your immunity can be low. So, take balanced diet and exercise regularly.

Solution – Offer green grass or whole moong beans in temples.

Impact on Libra – Transit of Mercury in Leo

Mercury is lord of ninth and twelfth house for Librans and it will influence the eleventh house during transit i.e. related to income and profit. This period will be helpful in profession and Librans can earn good profit. If you had postponed any holidays or road trips due to busy schedule, you will get opportunity to plan holidays. People related to marketing, sales and travel will do well in their profession and become successful. They will enhance their networking and make new professional friends to support them. Financial condition will be better. There will be multiple sources of income and immense chances of profit in investment but you are advised to discuss with experts before making investments. In personal life, you will be sociable and make new friends. Relation with siblings will be good and they will support you. The period is good for physical and mental health too.

Solution – fasting on Wednesday will be helpful.

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Impact on Scorpio – Transit of Mercury in Leo

Being lord of eighth and eleventh house, mercury will transit in tenth house of scorpions. It is related to occupation and reputation. Scorpions can face up-downs in their career and employed people require working very hard in their job for fruitful results. Those who are searching job may have to wait longer. On the other hand, scorpions who have started their new work will get positive results. People working in the field of insurance will get new clients. The period is good from financial point of view. You can invest on immovable property and also you will receive profit from inherited property. You can earn more by applying little more efforts. Personal life will be average. You will feel irritated so control your anger and stay calm. Single scorpions are advised not to enter into a committed relationship during transit period because it will not be fruitful. Take care of your health and have balanced diet.

Solution – Do chanting of mercury beejmantra.

Impact on Sagittarius – Transit of Mercury in Leo

Mercury will influence destiny, spirituality and religiousness of Sagittarians during transit period. It is fruitful for people working in partnership in their business. Employed people will earn support of their seniors and colleagues. Apart from income, you can earn good profit through business and invest on immovable property.
In your personal life, you will have good time and may plan holidays. Some auspicious occasion or celebration can occur in family which you will enjoy with your entire family. Single Sagittarians may find their life partner during this period and can tie knot with them. The period is positive for your health but you are advised to do exercise and meditation.

Solution – Wear green clothes

Impact on Capricorn – Transit of Mercury in Leo

Mercury will influence eighth house of Capricorn people i.e. the house of mysterious knowledge, sudden profit and heritage. You will be more energetic and can face new challenges in your occupation. Dealing with clients can be challenging. Students connected to research will get expected results and can move towards higher education. Some people can incline towards mysterious knowledge. The period is not very favorable for financial condition, thus be careful during investments and move steps forward only after investigating well. Personal life will be average. You can have small arguments with your life partner so try to keep calm. You need to be careful for your health and follow proper diet and exercise etc.

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Solution – Take care of your sister, daughter, small girls and maternal and paternal aunt.

Impact on Aquarius – Transit of Mercury in Leo

Mercury will influence partnership and marriage for Aquarians. The transit period is favorable for professionals and they will be appreciated. Business people will make new contacts which will be profitable. Share market, stock market etc will favor but you are advised not to take big risks. Single Aquarians can find their life partner. Unmarried couples will spend good time with each other and married people will spend average time but they are advised to stay away from misunderstandings. Couples planning for a baby will get positive results. There are chances of catching communicable disease, thus you should take care of your health.

Solution – Offer gifts to your sisters sometimes and be impartial in your occupation.

Impact on Pisces – Transit of Mercury in Leo

Mercury’s transit will influence the house of health, competition and loan of Pisces people. You can face tough competition in professional life. You are advised to stay away from office politics and focus on your goal. Avoid big investments and borrowing money, loans etc during the transit period. Also, control your expenses as this will leave negative impact on your financial condition. Personal life will be average. You should control your temper and language to make good relation with family members. Also you can face mental stress. So take care of your health and include exercise, meditation and yoga in your lifestyle.

Solution – Feed green fodder to cow every Wednesday.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar