The Transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius on 5th November 2019

We astrologers are waiting for the transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius moon sign that will take place on 5th November 2019. This could be a very beneficial transit to all. The sign of Sagittarius represents many things like father, teacher, spirituality, good outlook, higher studies, internal knowledge, charity, virtuous deeds, duties, luck, meditation, foreign journey, help from foreign destinations, education in foreign destinations, grandsons, ancestors and sudden gains. Sagittarius sign also denotes trust and rest. It also denotes and represents pilgrimage trips, law and political science.

Effect of Jupiter transit in Sagittarius on all moon signs


If you are a person with Aries as your moon sign then you should know that you are having an aggressive nature. The transit of Jupiter in this moon sign indicates more fire and aggressiveness. During this transit you will see that you are in an year that is full of action and activeness. In your horoscope Jupiter is the owner of the 9th and 12th houses. The 9th house represents luck and happiness. At this time Jupiter in the 12th house also represents salvation, losses, sleep and emotional problems including expenses. During this time you may experience mixed results.


Dear Taurus people I want to warn you as an astrologer that this transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius sign may not be an easy one for you. You can face financial challenges during this transit. This is because the house of Jupiter represents finance, combined efforts, in laws, partnership, ups and downs, long life span, secret sciences, emotional challenges and borrowed money. Due to this reason you may face some financial problems and this could be the biggest challenges during this time. You need to keep the record of every penny that you expend during this time period. You may even need to borrow money during this time. If you are lending money to someone then avoid giving to much money to him as this may put you in trouble. You may get fewer chances to get this money back. Even this may occur when you want to borrow money from someone. You may not get chances to give back the borrowed money thus you should avoid borrowing money during this transit period. You may also get worried for your home and insurance. During this time you can try to live a settled life and make improvements in it.


For people of Gemini moon sign this transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius can affect personal and business relationships. This house for the people of Gemini indicates business partnerships-relations, love, marriage, court, enemies, socialization, job, foreign journey and reproductive organs. Jupiter does not represent anything that is concerned with physical and material pleasures. Thus you can face challenges in those fields that have been indicated above. You will have to keep patience to solve these challenges or else you may face issues that will be for long time duration. During this transit you need to be careful while being with your life partner. During this time you may come across new business transactions. Be careful while signing any documents. You may also have some tragic conflicts with your enemies.


During this Jupiter transit in Sagittarius for Cancer moon sign your life will get affected concerning work, health, borrowed money and work colleagues. You will need to expend much energy while doing your work. You can come across new projects. You may also have to see the work of your team and talk about it. Besides this you will need to take care of your health during this period. This period is also for discussion of major issues in your life. While being at job you have to work more and you may also get new responsibilities at your office. You may see that you will have important relations with your colleagues and you may also make changes in your current plans. You may also face changes in your job. You may have important discussions with your bosses. You will also need to keep a perfect balance between your home and family. You will have to take care of your family above the limit. You will also need to give attention to your money and finances as Jupiter may give you loans during this time. Never get involved in a transaction that has dangers of money loss. Instead of this you can make a better financial plan. During this time your money expenses might increase due to which you might feel depressed.


For Leo sign Jupiter transit in Sagittarius indicates the good deeds of previous birth in the 5th house of their horoscope. The 5th house represents creative mind, emotions, intellectual talents, love, romance, investments, lottery, children, knowledge, higher education, education, training, adverse conditions, spiritual research and students. The 5th house also represents students, politics, ancient sciences and sudden gains. Those who want to procreate to have children, can take benefit of this Jupiter transit in Sagittarius. People working in the field of arts and entertainment will get new opportunities. Jupiter will also give you foreign help and foreign journey. During this transit you will have foreign journeys, foreign relations, higher studies, teaching, publishing, spirituality and religion. You will also have a hobby in higher studies. You will also get good opportunities in the field of media and communication.


During this Jupiter transit in Sagittarius you will give more attention towards your, home, family, parents and ancestral property mainly during last week of the year. This transit will display your family and personal life. During this time you may have a possibility of doing real estate transactions. This is the time to improve your life style. You will also discuss essential issues with your family during this time. You will also travel, transfer and discuss about ancestral property. This is the favorite house of Jupiter thus during this time you may have to sell or buy a home. You can give money to others and you may also lend money during this transit.


For Libra moon sign the transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius will have effects on small journeys, small syllabus, training, brothers and sisters, media, industrialization, electronics, and writing tasks. During this time you will see changes in fields of communication and planning. This will also bring effects on studies and education. During this time you may get involved in networking. You may try to make changes if you are in the field of communication, media, and internet. You may also have changes in your personal and business relations. You can also sign new business partnerships during this time. You may also face challenges to end some relationships in your life. You will need to move forward with care in your life. You may have long journeys and foreign help. This could be a good time for those who are in the field of publishing. During this time your spiritual outlook will get activated thus you will know more about spiritual knowledge. This period could be a better one for your long term relations. You will make hard efforts to make long term relationship. This is the right time to enter into a new long term plan in your business and job. You will also work with people who have the same mentality and outlook like you. People who are working in the field of Science and Technology, might have a time to work in a big group.


For Scorpio moon sign the transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius indicates to take care of your money. You may try to work on small time plans. You may have some expenses yet spending more money won’t be sensible. Try your best to save more money as during future you may face worries due to money. You may work on communication plans during this time. Your career will get enhanced and you may also have new responsibilities. You may have ups and downs due to profit and losses in your business. Those who have their own business might try to enhance their business. During this task new transactions and plans may come in your life. You may argue with your near ones to start such new projects. This Jupiter will also indicate some calamities, investments, commercial tax, insurance, partnership and borrowings in your life. You have many things that you have to solve. These things can be problems of finance and feelings. You should not get aggressive on the emotional front. You will think about financial help. This time could be very good to solve financial problems. Problems related to colleagues, health, loans, responsibilities and pets may arise in your life. The worries related to your job and health may be major ones for you. You may have to do some rework if your colleagues pressurize you. You may have discussions with your work colleagues. You will also try to improve yourself during this time.


For you people having Sagittarius moon sign the transit of Jupiter will take place in your ascendant. During this time you may feel effected in your personal life. Please control your expenses. Keep a control on your habit to buy many things as this might cost you more expenses. You may feel that people might question your work caliber and capacity. You may have arguments in your personal life. This is a good time to learn something new. Never make haste to express your personal opinion. You may try to bring improvement in your health and life energy. You will also take care of your personal health. Jupiter gives more happiness when it affects your personal life. During this transit period physical and mental health may be more important to you. You may concentrate on spiritualism because Sagittarius indicates spiritual outlook. You can have long journeys and foreign help. During this transit of Jupiter you may be a bit stubborn and rebellious. Jupiter will also affect your life related to romance, entertainment, having fun, progeny, youth circles, creativity, self promotion, and sudden gains. This is the time to spend energy on creative tasks. You will also give attention to personal and business relations. Do not force anyone to keep relations with you during this period. You may have to give space to others to make them feel independent. During this time people with wrong intentions might come to you. For this reason, think twice before allowing anybody to enter your life. You may seek new partnerships during this transit. You will have discussions concerning such partnerships. Have patience while attending interviews and meetings. You will need to make extra efforts to maintain your personal and business relations in a progressive way. You may undertake long journeys and also do higher studies.


For Capricorn people this transit of Jupiter will effect on their hidden doubts, desires, mentality and loneliness. Here the 12th house denotes long journeys, spirituality and donations. Thus you need to be very careful in this concern. During this Jupiter transit you may have some emotional worries thus avoid mental depression. You will make efforts to improve your financial condition. This is a good time to think about healing and meditation. During this time never think that you will have a permanent solution for any problem. Here Jupiter represents, home, family, ancestors, parents and ancestral property. You will also think about making real estate transactions. You can shift or renovate your home during this period. You may solve your disputes with your mother during this time.


For persons of Aquarius moon sign this transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius will help you to attain your long term goals. This transit will affect your friendships, group plans, long term partnerships, children, youth circles, desires, and profits. You will also see some changes in your long term relationships. You will also think something new to improve your long term efforts. You should not demand others to accept your thoughts and opinions with force. During this transit you will be busy to improve your friendships, long term relations and long term group plans. This could be a good time for those who want progeny and want to work with their progeny. Jupiter will make a great impact on your gains and benefits. You can get timely profits during this task. Jupiter will affect on your short journeys, small syllabus, training, brothers-sisters, media, industrialization, electronics and writing. You will judge your romantic relationship during this time. During this time you may meet those people that have the same thoughts and outlook like you. Your house in the birth chart also belongs to sudden gains. You can also think about your personal plans during this time. This time is good for networking and seeking people that have the same thoughts. You may mingle with children and young people. You may get opportunities to attend entertaining functions. During this time you can devote your energy in creative works and activities.


For people of Pisces moon sign this transit of Jupiter will make you to see and manage your career, social conditions, rights and desires along with the relations with your boss. This time may be a bad one for your career. This is because this house is not of Jupiter yet you can expect good results from this transit. You can have worries on many issues during this time. You will have many projects during this time. You can do multitasking during this period. You may get opportunities in the field of creativity and communication. You may get many inputs from your boss. He may have a different opinion about your work. This is not a good time for you to argue with your boss. Kindly try to be polite. You may start new ventures. Jupiter will give you a good progress in finance. You may have worries related to money. You may desire to be happy with your benefits and gains. You may even think of borrowing money. This house of Pisces sign is also concerned with emotional relations. You may have a serious argument with your colleagues. They might have different thoughts thus kindly try to understand them. You may come across plans related to combined property and resources. You will try to solve disputes related to money and finance. You will think about some fixed assets transactions at home during this time. You may also get a job transfer during this transit. You may solve disputes with your mother. In general you may have some worries in your life. You may have discussions by sitting with your family members. You will discuss about your studies. You may buy, sell and construct a house. You will have transactions concerned with buying and selling land. Your works, colleagues, health, loans, responsibilities and pets will change during this week. You may get new projects during your work. You may have discussions with your colleagues. Do not make haste in expressing your opinion during this period. Your colleagues may not be in your favor. You may try to improve your health and daily routine during this time. You may adopt a new care to keep up your health.