The Scientific Basis of Vaastu

The Scientific Basis of Vaastu

The ancient system of architecture called Vaastu is based on scientific principles. Vaastu is a Science as well as an art. The art part involves the ingenuity of an expert.


The ancient Indian system of architecture generally known by the name Vaastuis a science as well as an art. Because of its art aspect it is sometimes called as Vastu Kala which means ‘The Art of Vaastu’ and because of its scientific basis it is sometimes referred to as VastuVigyan which stands for ‘The Science of Vaastu’.

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The science of Vaastu is based mainly on the following factors:

*Cosmic Energy
*Earth’s Magnetic field
*Magnetic and Light Energy from Sun
*Directional effects
*Elemental effects
*Planetary effects

Cosmic energy …

Cosmic energy is the broad spectrum radiation coming from the outer space and falling on the Earth.

Certain stars continually emit radio waves. Also these stars emit very powerful short duration bursts of energy when they undergo changes. These radiations very powerful and complex in nature and are termed as cosmic rays.

The presence of atmosphere around our earth helps in protecting us from receiving lethal doses of cosmic energy.

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The tilt of our earth, its rotation on its axis and its movement around the Sun causes harmful radiations arriving more intensely from the South and southwest directions.

Gravitation …

It is the force of gravitation that causes the downward pull on things. Scientists have proved that very large amount of gravitational energy is coming to our earth from the centre of our galaxy. There are also quite strong gravitational effects of Sun and Moon on the earth.

Earth’s Magnetic field …

Our earth acts like a big magnet with its magnetic lines of force flowing from north to south.

The magnetic field of the earth undergoes slight changes due to the movements of the Sun and the Moon.

Our bodies have traces of metals and therefore are subject to even these minute magnetic changes.

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Magnetic and Light Energy from the Sun …

The Sun is a dense mass of glowing matter and it is a million times bigger than our earth. Great explosions are taking place deep inside the Sun where the temperature is about 13000000 degrees Celsius. These explosions cause great flares of flames and magnetic storms, which reach out into the space to about thousands of kilometres.

These magnetic harmful influences are more intense in the south and southwest directions.

Sunrays in the early morning carry positive health giving and purifying effects. The directions for these rays to enter premises are east and northeast. This is why these directions need to be vacant in premises.

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Directional effects …

On this earth we take reference of the Sun. If we stand facing the rising Sun, that is the east direction and on our back is the west. The north direction is towards our right hand and south is towards our left hand.

In vaastu these directions mean a lot. The Sun always rises in the east and sets in the west.

In addition to the morning Sunrays some other subtle positive influences due to the cosmic rays and the magnetic fields arrive from the north, east and the northeast directions whereas the negative influences come from the south and southwest directions.

Thus an ancient science based on so many scientific principles can give wonderful results if followed with sincerity.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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