The Credibility of Astrological Predictions

The Credibility of Astrological Predictions

Astrological Predictions – Astrology is a divine science. In the hands of a genuine astrologer of good character it becomes a potent tool for guiding one’s life. Accuracy of birth data is very important; you cannot correct your birth time astrologically or mathematically.

Astrological Predictions

People question the credibility of Astrological Predictions mostly when some predictions go wrong. From time to time there is debate whether astrology is a science or not. There are people who disregard it as a science and their argument is that if it was a science the predictions must never go wrong.

An Art as well as a Science …

In actual fact astrology is both science as well as an art. The making of a horoscope is based upon certain mathematical principles of this science but the predictive part is more so an art.Being an art, a lot depends upon the natural skills of the astrologer apart from his or her knowledge.

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Astrological Predictions – Accuracy of Birth Data …

To start with, it could be that the birth data is not correct. It is only recently that in modern maternity homes care is taken to note the time of birth accurately. Some people have doubt even about their date of birth. So unless the birth data is accurate the birth chart cannot be relied upon and all predictions can be way out.

The so called birth time corrections carried out by many astrologers don’t help at all. How can one mathematically or astrologically correct the time of actual birth of a child?

Astrological Indications are only Probabilities …

One important factor which is seldom highlighted by astrologers is that all astrological indications in a birth chart are only probabilities and never certainties. However strong the indications for an event may be you must never consider that it is bound to happen. There could be a strong probability for certain event but depending upon God’s WILL and thoughts and actions of the native there can be last moment changes in the actual happenings.

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Predictions must be based upon Multiple Indications …

Any prediction based upon just one or two indications has a greater chance of failure. Therefore the astrologer must look for at least four or five indications pointing one way regarding any aspect, only then his or her prediction has a greater chance of coming true.

Crucial role played by Intuition …

Intuition plays an important role in predicting the results from a birth chart. Due to this factor predictions by different astrologers about the same horoscope differ a lot. Intuition is a natural gift. One can develop intuitive ability but it is based upon improving the basic moral character. Greater the sincerity, truthfulness and moral integrity of a person greater are the chances of having intuitive insight. Intuitive ability diminishes if one is money minded. True intuitive ability can help in making predictions with greater chances of happening.

Best use of Astrology …

Using astrology for mere fortune telling or predicting silly things like whether a woman will give birth to a male or a female child or whether a person will win a lottery or not etc. is misusing this divine Art and Science.

Astrological knowledge in the hands of a genuine Astrologer of good character is a potent tool for guiding people for planning their lives.

With accurate birth data get your horoscope made using reliable software. Get your horoscope analysed in detail to know the following information:

*Favourable Periods in general
*Planets which need propitiation in general and at specific times
*Planets which need to be strengthened in general and at specific times
*Broadly faHow Can We Help Youvourable areas or lines for education, sports, business etc
*Indicated favourable times for the specific event of your interest
*What sort of life partner will help you evolve faster?
*What type of business partner will be more compatible?

On the similar lines you can consult a good astrologer to gain strength to face life in a better way. Beware of those consultants who instil in you fear, doubt, superstition and condition your mind negatively.