How Can We Help You

How Can We Help You

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How Can We Help You

How Can We Help You : Traveling Cost involved

You need to visit one of the Naadi Centres in person to meet the people who reveal your future through your thumb impression. This means a trip to India.

No Traveling Cost

You don’t have to visit any of the centres. You can just send your thumb impression through E-mail or Post.

Time Consuming

After giving your thumb impression, you have to sit and wait at the Naadi Centre while they locate the right bundle of leaves. It can take up to two days to find the right bundle.

Time Saving

You don’t have to wait there while they locate your bundle. Our trained staff do all that is necessary on your behalf.

Involves Hassle

After finding the perfect leaf (on which your future has been stored), they make an audio cassette in your presence that contains your future predictions in Tamil or Hindi and English.

Completely Hassle Free

We arrange the cassette to be recorded and delivered it to you anywhere in the world. We also deliver all of your material by email in text format, or by post in text format.

Truthstar tries to help people all over the world to know about the future which was written 5000 years back by Indian Saints, Gods and Goddesses. We help the people to feel this unique science and know about the predictions which are rated as 100% accurate by our satisfied customers.

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