How to Strengthen Your Love Centre?

Strengthen Love

Let us all celebrate the Valentine’s Day on 14th February 2023 as a mark of our respect to the greatest force of God; Strengthen Love. Pure Love is a great positive force which is a wonderful gift from benevolent God to balance the sufferings of life on this planet. Here is how to strengthen the receiving center of this divine force in our body.

Strengthen Love

Encased in our physical body are other subtle bodies which influence our physical body. There are seven energy centres located on the spinal column which are connected to corresponding centres on other subtle bodies and finally to our soul or over-self. Our over-self is the ultimate entity existing in a much higher dimension and it controls our physical and other bodies. All communication among these bodies and the over-self is through the above mentioned energy centres.

Energy Centres or Chakras .

The diagram below shows the location of these energy centres also called Chakras. The word Chakra means a wheel and to the clairvoyant these centres are colourful whirlpools of energy and thus called Chakras.

The other names for these chakras are as follows:

1st Chakra : Root or Base Chakraalso known as MuladharaChakra (Sanskrit)
Location: At the base of spine near the genitals

2nd Chakra : Spleen or SacralChakraalso calledSwadhishthanChakra (Sanskrit)
Location: Between the pubic bone and the naval

3rd Chakra: Solar plexus ChakraorManipuraChakra (Sanskrit)
Location: At the naval

4th Chakra: The heart ChakraorAnahataChakra (Sanskrit)
Location: At the heart level near the centre of breastbone over the sternum

5th Chakra: Throat ChakraorVishudhaChakra (Sanskrit)
Location: This centre is located at the throat level.

Name of 6thChakra: Brow ChakraorAjnaChakra (Sanskrit)
Location: Between the brows in the forehead

Name of 7th Chakra: Crown ChakraorSahasraraChakra (Sanskrit)
Location: This centre is located in the centre of the cerebrum.

The Anahat Chakra Your Love Centre’ …
The 4th chakra or energy centre called the Anahat or heart chakra is the centre of LOVE and EMOTIONS. If this chakra is in activated and kept in a balanced state you will attract true and pure love from others.

Activating the Anahat Chakra : For activating this chakra or energy centre you must meditate by focusing your attention on this centre and thinking and radiating thoughts of love towards all.

Sit calmly in a comfortable posture. Take a couple of slow, smooth and complete breaths. As your mind calms down focus your attention inwardly at heart centre and fill your mind with feelings of unconditional love and affection towards all. After that stop thinking, let your awareness drift into super-conscious state.

Balancing the Anahat Chakra : You can balance the heart Chakra using crystals. For this you need to procure natural Emerald, Jade, Malachite or Rose Quartz crystal of around one and a half to two inches size. Wash the crystal with water for a couple of minutes under a running tap, lie down in supine position on a rug spread on the floor and place the crystal at the heart level near the centre of breastbone over the sternum touching your skin.

Close your eyes and focus your attention at the heart centre and visualise positive healing energy flowing from the crystal to your Anahat Chakra. Visualise that this energy is balancing the Chakra and making it open up fully like a blooming flower. Do this for at least half an hour. Repeat this procedure twice daily.

After each session touch the crystal to your forehead as a mark of respect and keep it well wrapped in a green silk or cotton cloth or pouch. Do not allow anyone else to touch or use your crystal. Keep it away from bright sunlight.

If you follow this sincerely you will develop feelings of pure unconditional love towards others and same will begin to flow from others to you.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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