1. Gently sit in Vajrasana or any other comfortable meditative pose.

2. Place your hands on the shoulder and rotate both hands clockwise and anti-clockwise.

3. Breathe normally.

Benefits & Precautions:

This asana relieves stiffness of shoulders, neck and back and strengthens the cranial nerves and shoulder muscles.

The significance of Skandhasana

Skandhasana is also known as half squat pose in Yoga. In this asane one leg is stretched to balance the human body on its toes. Here the legs extended and stretched so that the hips and inner thighs might feel comfortable while doing this asana. This asana has many unique benefits that all of you will admire and appreciate. With it you can get relief from tension and pain that is seen in your hips. With this asana you can also your groin. You can enhance the strength of your knees with the help of this yoga asana. You can make your cranial nerves to work and function well with Skandhasana.

Who are not advised to do Skandhasana?

If you are having an injury and pain in your joints of shoulders and knees then you should avoid doing this asana. Persons having weak cranial nerves should avoid doing this yoga exercise.

What are the timings to do Skandhasana?

You can do this asana during early morning hours to get best results from it. If you are busy during morning hours then you can do this exercise during evening hours. Never do this complicated exercise without the guidance of a yoga instructor.