Significance of Directions in Vaastu

Vaastu is based on the directions and the five elements of nature. You can stay happily by having the impact of Vastu directions.


Knowledge and Determination of Directions

Directions and the corners formed at the meeting point of any two directions has a lot of significance in Vastu. The rules defined in Vastu is completely based on directions and the five elements of nature.

There are four directions – east, west, north and south. The meeting point or junction of each two directions forms a corner which is known as ‘vidisha’ or we may call it sub-directions. Hence there are four vidisha’s. South-east corner point is known as ‘Agneya’ corner. South-west corner point is known as ‘Nairtratya’ corner. West-north corner point is known as ‘Vayavya’ corner and north-east corner point is known as ‘Ishaan’ corner.

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Effects of different Directions and Sub-Directions

East: As we all know that the sun rises in east hence this direction effects the fire element. Blocking this direction stops the access to sunrays so dwelling in such houses can create various diseases. Humans living in such houses lose respect and stay burdened with loans. It also has negative impact on celestial conditions which can lead to a difficulties. Auspicious tasks get obstructed and constructing such house can lead to the death of the owner in four to five years.

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West: The sun sets in west direction and this directions effects the air element. Air is considered as the lord of this direction, epitomizing versatility. Hence if the main door of the house is facing west then the person living in the house is always playful at heart. He generally do not get success and children’s education gets obstructed. Continual mental stress prevails and the in-out of cash flow is maintained without any savings. If a shop is facing west then again the money does not stay but hard work can give success and progress in life though the monetary savings is minimal.

North: This direction falls on the left hand side when you face east. At night, the pole star is visible in this direction only. This direction is believed to effect the water element. Northern portion of the house should be open as Kuber is considered the lord of this direction. This direction provides all kinds of comfort, wealth, property and prosperity. This direction is an indicative of stability, like of the pole star. Any study, contemplation or any work related to knowledge should be performed facing west as it gives the optimum results. Kuber’sdirect sight comes in the house through the doors and windows opening in the north direction.

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South: Exactly opposite to north falls the south direction and it is believed to be the earth element. It is the direction of the lord of death, Yam. It is an epitome of patience and stability. This direction destroys all the evil and indicate all the good in life. Enemy fear also crops up through this direction and this direction also bestowal illness. Keeping this direction closed or blocked is advisable. The doors and windows in direction should be kept closed for many other gains.

North-East or Ishaan Corner: As we know that this direction is at the junction of north and east which forms a corner hence it is believed to be very sacred. This sub direction bestowals intelligence, knowledge, rational, patience and courage to us and abates all kinds of problems. If the place of house in this direction is unclean then the persona dwelling in it has to deal with different kind of problems and also it corrupts the wisdom. The home environment becomes rumpus. Unclean Ishaan corner in a house ascertains the birth of a girl child and even if a boy is born then there is a possibility of his death in a short span.

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South-East or Agneya Corner: The junction of east and south, which forms a corner is also called Agneya corner. Being the center of east and south, this sub direction or the corner is believed to be the dominion of the fire element. This sub direction is related to health. If this direction of the house is not clean then every person dwelling in that house has some or the other health problem and it has been observed that in some cases the sickness just not leaves from that place. If the Agneya corner is dirty then there is the fear of some damage done due to fire.

South-west or Nairtratya corner: The meeting point of south into west is called south-west or nairtratya corner. Being situated in the middle of south and west, nairtratya corner abolish the fear of enemies, it also impact the character of a person and sometimes becomes the reason for death. If this sub direction of house is kept unclean then dwellers character is often profane and they always fear their enemies. Their enemies are more impactful than them and the house becomes haunted. If nairtratya corner is kept unclean then there is a possibility of sudden accident along with possibility of early death.

West-north or Vayavya corner: The meeting point of west and north, which forms a corner is west north junction, also known as vayavya corner. This corner is believed to be the place of air. This corner bestowals long life, good health and power to us. This sub direction is an indicative of changes in behavior. If this direction in house is kept unclean then friends turn to enemies, power depreciates, age emaciates, good behavior changes into bad and people who reside in such houses become arrogant.

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