1. Sit with legs folded backwards, heels apart, knees and toes together.

2. Adjust your hips between the heels (Vajrasana). Slowly raise your arms over the head.

3. While exhaling, slowly bend forward and stretch your palms on the floor with abdomen pressing against the thighs.

4.Then bring your face downwards and touch the floor with the forehead without raising the buttocks. Inhaling slowly, return to an upright position, reversing the process.

Benefits & Precautions:

This asana strengthens the muscles of the legs and thighs and makes them supple. It tones up the spinal nerves and helps in relieving arthritic pain. It is an excellent asana for digestion. This yoga exercise gives a good and fine tone to the pelvic muscles. When you have any problem in your reproductive organs you can practice this exercise. When you do this yoga asana regularly then it will cure problems like constipation. When you are mentally depressed then just do this asana so that you may get a vibe of mental soothing. When you want to improve the circulation of blood in your body then just practice this asana and see the miracles.

Precautions of doing Shashankasana-Hare-Pose

1) People suffering acute pain in their body joints should not practice this asana.
2) If you are having problems of high blood pressure and problems in their knees should not practice this yoga exercise.
3) This asana should be avoided by women who are pregnant.

What are timings to do Shashankasana-Hare-Pose?

This yoga exercise can be done during morning hours. The fresh air during morning time will help you to do this exercise with a refreshing and concentrated mind. If you do not have time to practice this asana during morning then you can do it during evening well focused mind.