Seek Blessings of Kuan Yin

*The Divine Mother of Compassion*

Kwan Yin is the most beloved Goddess who freely bestows her unending sympathy, fertility, health and magical insight to all who pray her for these..

Kuan Yin

She hears the cries and prayers and out of her compassion she relieves one from suffering and bestows fertility, health and magical insight. Sheencourages enlightenment among humans.

In China the popular mother Goddess, Kwan Yin, is known as a great healer who can cure all ills. She is also a Goddess of fertility, and is often shown holding a child. In this aspect she is known as “The Lady Who Brings Children”. She is also shown holding a crystal vase, pouring out the waters of creation.

You may offer her sweet cakes, lotus flower, incense, fresh fruit and flowers.

Be Blessed with Progeny

For all those married women who are unable to bear a child due to some fertility problem
Here is a procedure which may bless them with progeny:


On ekadashi or 11th lunar date of waxing Moon (Bright half of Lunar month or Shuklapaksh) on an altar set an image of Kuan Yin holding a child. Light a stick of incense and a lamp. Offer fresh fruits and flowers to the divine mother. Take a piece of yellow clothes and place on it half a spoon of black tea leaves and half a spoon of raw rice. Hold the cloth in both hands and pray (recite) as follows:

‘O, Divine Mother of compassion; as a little tea makes a full cup
So may my life be full
As the rice expands in warm water
So may my heart expand with love and warmth
The fertility of Kwan Yin, wrapped neatly within.’

Carefully wrap the cloth and securely place it in your bedroom. You may be lucky to receive her blessings!

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar