‘Feng Shui’ Way to Awareness, Prosperity & Protection

A Chinese proverb says that a picture is worth thousand words, which means that a picture conveys lot more information about a topic as compared to its expression through thousand words.


When you look at a symbol a relevant train of thoughts is generated. A symbol with negative meaning will generate negative thoughts and feelings. Similarly a positive symbol generates positive and progressive thoughts and soothing feelings.Just for example a ‘dove’ usually holding an olive branch in its beak, conveys feelings and thoughts of peace and purity. So it is recognized as a symbol of Peace and purity. Further good feelings are generated as one realizes that as per a Muslim lore, a dove murmured the words of God into the ear of the great prophet Muhammad.

The dove is considered a symbol of the Holy Spirit in Christian iconography. Jesus was blessed by the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove at his baptism.
There are many symbols with spiritual significance. In this article a three in one symbol of ‘Swastik-Om-Trishul’ is described. Let us understand the meaning of these three symbols separately.

Swastik or Swastika: It is an ancient symbol of progress, evolution, positive development, Only a correct symbol of Swastika will draw positive, dynamic energy into the house. The correct Swastika as shown here has the middle line exactly vertical and the other center line at 90 degree or exactly horizontal.


Om: The sound of ‘OM’ also written as ‘Aum’ is the very first sound of creation that is why it is called the Primordial Vibration? It is in fact the vibration coming out of each atom of creation. This vibration remains in existence from the moment of creation till the end or dissolution.
Reciting the sacred Om mantra enables one to communicate with the over-self or ‘Atma’ (soul).

Trishul: There is Trinity in Divinity, the Divine force which creates is called Brahma and it represents the Rajas Guna or quality of nature which gives drive to create and progress. Then there is the divine force which preserves the creation and is called Vishnu and that represents the Satvic Guna or the quality of nature with spiritually positive and progressive attributes. Lastly the Tamsic Guna or quality which is responsible for dissolution and change is under Mahesh or Shiva.


The combined three in one ‘Swastik-Om-Trishul’ metallic form is an auspicious sign to place on a wall or the entrance of your home and make it thrice-blessed. The ‘trishul’ is a symbol of protection that guards your home and family against misfortune. ‘Om’ is believed to be the seed sound of the cosmos, and creates positive vibrations in and around your abode. The ‘swastik’ is an ancient symbol of progress, evolution, positive development and also a traditional sign that stands for a warm welcome to all your guests.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar