The Secret (Gupt) Navratras

Navratras are very auspicious nights during which one can get assured results of worship. Two periods of Navratras are well known among Hindus but the remaining two called “Gupt” are not so popular.….


The festival of Navratras or sometimes called Navratris is considered very auspicious among Hindus and many other believers.The nine-day festival of Navratras in Hindu religion dedicated to the nine manifestations of Goddess Durga.

Navratras are celebrated four times in a year.

Sharadiya and Chaitra Navratras

These two Navratras are more popular and celebrated enthusiastically each year.

The most popular is the Sharadiya Navratras which begin on the first lunar date of bright half phase of the lunar month of Ashvin (September/October).

The Chaitra Navratras occur during March/April and also called Vasant or Ram Navratras.

Magh and Ashadh Navratras

These two Navratrasviz the Maghnavratras (January/February) and the AhadhNavratras (June/July) are observed only at certain places and are called Gupt or secret Navratras.

The Ashadh Navratras

This year the Ashadh Navratras are from Thursday, 21 September 2017 till Friday, 29 September 2017. These begin on the first lunar date (Pratipada) of the bright half of lunar month of Ashadh till the 9th lunar date (Navmi).

Importance of Gupt Navratras…

The Gupt Navratras are meant for Gupt Sadhana or serious worship procedures including Tantrik procedures for attainment of spiritual powers and emancipation. For removing domestic obstacles and for getting prosperity the following procedure and recitation of the mantras will help.

Sharad Navratri

How to Worship during Gupt Navratras? …

Take an early morning shower, preferably before sunrise.

Clean up the place of worship and decorate it.

Spread a red cloth on an altar and establish the idol of MaaDurga

Place PoojaSamagri on a plate; incense (dhoop), deepak, vermilion, fresh flowers, and bangles, bindi, red stole (chunri) and Prasad

Sprinkle some holy Ganga Jalat each corner of your home (which will purify your house) and light up Deepak and incense.

Now, chant the mantras for 108 times.

After the mantra, recite the “DurgaStotra” and conclude with the Durga Aarti.

Special Mantras from Durgasaptshati …

For removing obstacles and prospering:


For overall prosperity and well being:


Article By: Mr. Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar


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