Satya Narayan Pooja

Satya Narayan Puja is one of the famous rituals of Hindus performed in India by offering gratitude to the Lord Vishnu. This puja has an importance in the life of each Devotee who performs this puja with complete faith, belief, and devotion towards Srimannarayana. This pooja should be done by offering prayer to Lord Ganesha, Navagraha’s and Satyanarayana in order to remove all obstacles coming in the life.


Devotees should keep fast while performing Satya Narayan Pooja which gives them blessings by the Lord Vishnu. It is required that the story of this puja should be heard among all the participants in the Puja. This story has a special significance as it tells origin of the Puja and its benefits. After completion of Satya Narayan Pooja, devotees should offer and distribute prasad that made up of a mixture of milk, honey, ghee/butter, yogurt, sugar and flower petals.

Cost of this Pooja – Rs. 900/-

Above mentioned cost includes the cost of following -:

1. Basic Material (Roli, Moli, Dhoop, Supari, Laung, Illaichi, Kapoor, Jau, Till, Batasha, Itra, Deepak,Panchmewa, Chawal, Janeyu, Pachranga, Rui baati)

2. Narial, Gola

3. Honey

4. Desi Ghee

5. Red Cloth

6. Dauna, Kalash

7. Gangajal, Kevda Jal

8. Milk

9. Curd

Service Charges

1. Pooja Charges by Pandit ji

2. Material provided by Pandit ji (Hawan kund, aam ke patte, durwa tulsi etc.)

Note : 1. Above Material does not include Sweets, Fruits and Utensils. Customer has to arrange these items compulsory for the pooja.

2. Customer can also take this package without material but in that case you need to arrange all the items mentioned above.

Please Contact @

1. Mrs. Malini Gupta – 09811660058