Saturn Measures Will Terminate Your All Problems

Saturn Measures Will Terminate Your All Problems

Saturn Measures – There are many measures of Saturn through which you can get relief from your all problems. So, you can follow below measures. It may be possible that you will get the late results but it is also true that these measures will definitely work for you.

Saturn Measures

• You should offer black sesame and raw milk to Lord Shiva on the daily basis.

• The presence of Shivling under the papal tree is so superior.

• Read the text of Sunderkand because it provides the best fruit.

• Apply Google Dhoop in your house in the evening time.

• Feed Chauli and sesame to the Ants in the Gorj Mahurut.

• You should feed milk to the snake.

• You should worship the Goddess Kali in order to get extreme benefits.

• You should chant the Mantra and do the worship of Kaal Bhairva.

• You should donate black urad to the beggars.

• Pour black urad into the water.

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