Tadasana : Yogic Posture for Balance and Concentration

Yogic postures or exercises are easy to perform yet they carry many health benefits. The posture described here gives physical and mental balance and also increases concentration of mind… …


This posture is called ‘Tadasana’, the word ‘Tada’ stands for the palm tree and you need to stand straight like a palm tree. The other name for this Yogic posture is the ‘Mountain Pose’.

Caution: Keeping in mind your age and health condition you must take advice of your doctor before doing this posture, more so in case you suffer from complaints like cervical problems, back pain, arthritis, heart problems etc.

Step 1: Stand straight on a firm ground with your feet and legs joined together or slightly apart and arms hanging down on the sides. Stand relaxed in this pose for a couple of moments while breathing normally.

Step 2: Interlock fingers of both hands.

Step 3: Inhale through the nostrils and lift yourself up, stretching your body upward while standing on your toes and interlocked hands straight up with palms facing upward. Stay in this position for a moment or two.

Step 4: Slowly bring your body down as before while exhaling through your mouth and resting both interlocked hands on your head with palms down.

Slowly repeat steps 3 and 4 for about ten times and finish by coming back to position of step: 1.

Benefits of Tadasana…

This wonderful yet simple Yogic posture carries multiple benefits. Main benefits are improved blood circulation, physical and mental balance and improved concentration of mind.

Other Prominent Benefits are:

Improves physical body alignment, posture and gate giving an overall attractive personality
Gives flexibility to whole body
Helps increase height if practised especially before the age of 30 years.
Improves respiration and digestion and proper elimination of waste.
Strengthens the entire nervous system of the body.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar