Rudraksh given by Lord Shiva for concentration, composure and wish fulfillment


Ganesh Rudraksh: For success and composure

The moment we think of Rudraksh we start getting the feeling of devotion. On these Rudraksh Ganesha’s trunk seems to be emerging naturally and these are called Ganesh Rudraksh. This Rudraksh is like Lord Ganesh himself.

Lord Ganesh gives us the intelligence and all the material pleasures of life. By the grace of lord Ganesh one’s ability to recall also increases. By the grace of lord ganesha all these benefits are also found in Ganesh Rudraksh. Therefore this form of rudraksh is very beneficial for students and others who are taking competitive exams.

Many people has experienced that students who wear this form of rudraksh gets good marks. People who are appearing for competitive exams also see better concentration and recall ability. It is through this that they are able to have a good career and get the desired job that they have been looking for.

If you lack concentration while studying or despite your hard work you are not getting good results. Or you have a weak recall or you have a problem of forgetting what you have learnt as a result of anxiety.

Then on the day of shivratri, first Wednesday of guptnavratra or on basantpanchmi you should offer your prayers to Lord Ganesh using panchopchar form of worhip. Offer a ganeshrudraksh while worshiping.and then seated there chant the Mantra (Om ganganpatyenamah) 108 times. After that wear the rudraksh with a resolve to get freedom from the desired problem.