Reverse Transit of Saturn in Aquarius – 17th June 2023

Reverse Transit of Saturn in Aquarius – In the present time Saturn is having transit in its own sign Aquarius. Now it will have a reverse transit in the same sign on 17th June at night 10:48 clock. In this way Saturn will affect the people of all moon signs. The reverse aspect and seeing of Saturn is generally not considered to be auspicious in astrology. However when Saturn is in reverse transit in the horoscope of any person then that person gets many favorable results. They will see progress in their lives. Saturn will come in its normal transit in Aquarius sign on 4th November during morning 8:26 clock. In this way all persons will get relief from the reverse transit of Saturn.

Reverse Transit of Saturn in Aquarius

Check out Impact of Reverse Transit of Saturn in Aquarius below on your Zodiac Sign


The reverse transit of Saturn in Aquarius for the people of Aries sign will affect their job and career. You will need to do more hard and sincere work in your job. Due to working more hard you will feel a bit surprised and troubled. You will also have to face some problems. This will happen because due to doing extra work you will become a workaholic due to which you will have physical tiredness and mental tension. But now you have to remember Saturn is testing you. Keep on doing your work sincerely and in the future this Saturn will give you all things that you want. People who are in any business they might complete their pending tasks and will make their business grow.

Remedy: Donating black sesam on Saturday will be beneficial for you.

Reverse Transit of Saturn in Aquarius – Impact on Taurus Sign

Now Saturn will have a reverse transit in Aquarius for the people of Taurus sign and will affect the 10th house. Now you might face hurdles in abroad journeys. You will have to follow a hectic routine. If you are planning to change your job then now you should remove this thought. Just be on the same job that you have. If you change your job now then due to the reverse transit of Saturn you will need to change your job again and again. You will not be able to settle well in any job. Let Saturn come back in its normal transit then you can think and plan to change your job. Then you can apply for a better job. With the support of your luck your all tasks will be successful. However now if Saturn is not in reverse transit in your birth chart then you will see some delays in the completion of your tasks.

Remedy: Light a mustard lamp on Saturday evening under a Peepul tree.

Gemini Sign

The people of Gemini sign will face delays in their tasks due to the reverse transit of Saturn in Aquarius. If you were facing tension previously and have come out of it, then this tension might come back in your life. But you should not get worried due to it and you should face it with courage and determination. Saturn will give you all those things that it wanted to give you during its previous transit. Thus if you are putting your efforts in the right direction then you will get benefit from long journeys. You might get success in going on abroad journeys. Your financial condition will become strong but now you will see troubles in the health of your father. This might make you feel a bit worried.

Remedy: You should recite Shani Chalisa on Saturday.

Cancer Sign

For the people of Cancer sign this transit of Saturn in Aquarius in the 8th house cannot be considered to be auspicious. This is because you are already under affect of two and half transit of Saturn. In such condition you have to step forward in a careful way. In this quest you have to avoid making any kind of investment during this time. As now making any kind of investment now might make you to be at loss. You should try your best to take care of your health. If you ignore your health now then you might become a victim of some disease. You should be careful while driving any vehicle. Do not allow mental tension to overtake you.

Remedy: Feed flour to ants.

Leo Sign

For the people of Leo sign planet Saturn will have a reverse transit in Aquarius in the 7th house. Due to this kind of transit you will earn profits in business transactions. Your pending plans will get completed fast. If you were doing any tasks that were got stuck then they will get completed and you will see profits in your business. On the other hand you will see increase in tension in your married life. Now you have to also understand your life partner in a perfect way. You will have to explain all the important things that will solve their queries. You have to avoid giving logics to your life partner as now your arguments with him or her might increase. Thus might create tension in your relations with your life partner. Think twice before going on long journeys or else you might feel uneasy during them.

Remedy: You should donate black urad pulse on Saturday.

Virgo Sign

Now Saturn will have a reverse transit in Aquarius sign in the 6th house for the persons of Virgo sign. During this time you will have to give full attention to your health. This is because now some old disease might come back. Thus you have to put your efforts to have a better health or else your minute mistake might trouble you. During this time your expenses might increase even then you might have chances to go abroad concerned with your job. Now you should keep away from share market. If you have already invested money in share market then now you will get good profits. Now if you are having some old pending legal case then it might take more time to get solved.

Remedy: You should feed fishes.

Reverse Transit of Saturn in Aquarius – Impact on Libra Sign

For the people of Libra sign Saturn is a very beneficial planet. Now it will be having a reverse transit in Aquarius sign and will increase tension in your love relationship. You will have troubles in understanding your love mate. Due to having misunderstandings with one another your relationship will not get matured. In such conditions your relationship with your love mate might get broken. Thus now you have to make special efforts in this direction. However married people might see love in their relation. They will feel much closeness with their life partner. You will become more intimate to one another. This time will also give you support to remove financial challenges.

Remedy: You should get done rudra abhishekam on Saturday.

Scorpio Sign

Now for the people of Scorpio sign Saturn will have reverse transit in Aquarius in the 4th house. Due to this transit you will see lack of peace in your family life. Now you have to give special attention to the health of the members of your family. You will need to be alert and careful for the health of your mother. You should take care of her and you have to take her to a doctor whenever needed. You might have to face quarrels concerned with some family property. Thus during this time if this argument does not increase then it will be better for you. But now you might plan to buy some new property. At your work place conditions will be in your favor. You will work well at your office and due to this your conditions in your job will become favorable.

Remedy: Recite the Shri Bajrang Baan on Saturday.

Sagittarius Sign

For the people of Sagittarius sign Saturn will have reverse transit and will bring important results. In some walks of life you will get unexpected success that you might not have imagined. Your office mates will give full support to you due to which your condition at work place will become much strong. You will have a nice time with your friends and will also be with them at all good and bad times. Now you will have good relations with your friends and you will also get success in your business and profession. You will have affection with your siblings and you will also be seen to help them. Even then they might have some personal problems.

Remedy: Now in order to get relief from the bad effects of Saturn you should recite its mantra.

Capricorn Sign

Now planet Saturn will have a reverse transit in Aquarius sign in the 2nd house of Capricorn people. During this time you have to keep control over your tongue. During now you might speak with people in a very abusive tone. You might even speak to them in such a bitter tone due to which your relations might get spoiled with them. You have to be careful in this way in your personal and social life. Even then on the financial front this reverse transit of Saturn will give you good results. In this duration your money will get saved and your bank balance will increase. You will be able to save money. If you are trying to sell any property and it is not getting sold then now you will get favorable results in this matter. You can also do some other things like buying a new property. You will see lack of coordination in your family.

Remedy: You should recite the Shri Gajendra Moksha stotram.

Aquarius Sign

Now the people of Aquarius sign the reverse transit of Saturn will bring important results for them. This is because Saturn is having reverse transit for them in their own moon sign. Saturn is the lord of your moon sign. From mental point of view this time will bring tension to you. You will take some time to understand the problems in your life. You might have no control in taking quick decisions. In such conditions some decisions might go away from your hands. Now you should support the younger family members and give help to your brothers and sisters. With this the feelings of affection for you in their minds will increase and you will have strong and good relations with them. Now you should give much attention to your career. During this time you have to do much hard work. This will be the demand of time from your side.

Remedy: You should recite the Shri Ram Raksha stotram.

Reverse Transit of Saturn in Aquarius – Impact on Pisces Sign

For the persons of Pisces sign the reverse transit of Saturn in Aquarius will be seen in the 12th house. With this you will have a chance to go on abroad journeys. Now your expenses might increase and you will expend your money on good tasks. If now you want to go on abroad journeys then you will expend money and even yet you will be successful in going abroad. You have to take care of your health or else you will have to visit a hospital. Now you will not have to worry about your enemies as Saturn will tease them and then your enemies will not have the courage to face you. You will get benefits with your abroad contact. You will also get money from abroad sources. If you are doing any business that is related to some distance state or country then now your business will make progress.

Remedy: Offer water to Peepul tree on Saturday and circumbulate around it for 7 times.