Black Magic – Are You a Victim Of Black Magic?

Black Magic refers to the use of occult articles, sabar mantras or other items to harm the prospects of an innocent or unsuspecting victim. It is indulged by persons who are jealous of the growth of others or in an attempt to bring an individual under the control of another person.

black magic

Now-a-days, due to increased competition and general decline in morality and ethics, lots and lots of people seem to become victims of black magic or at least they think so! Now, how do we distinguish a victim of black magic from a person who is affected by mental ailments or psychological problems? Often one is confused for the other and consequently there are lapses in the treatment course ultimately leading to untold miseries both for the victims and for their near ones. There are some standard symptoms that indicate the possibility of affliction due to black-magic:

Symptoms of black magic affliction:

1) The appearance of eye of the native will change markedly (There will be a charcteristic “ugra” – aggressive appearance in the eye that is unearthly).

2) Strong odours (either sweet fragrances or foul odours) may emanate from the body of the person spontaneously when they are in a frenzy….this may indicate possession by demi-beings.

3) Cows will get tense and mow piteously when the person is in the viscinity.

4) The smell of stale meat may emanate from the person’s mouth (even if they are vegetarians!) if the person is afflicted by “idu marunthu” (black-magic items mixed with food with the aim of bringing the person
under one’s control).

5) The person will be afflicted by severe depression, suicidal tendencies, and all the efforts of the person will face severe obstacles. This may happen even in other cases due to temporary malefic influence of planets and some innocent persons get tensed due to this…..Actually, the effects due to Black-magic will be of a marked intensity and any intuitive person will be able to identify whether this is a normal life course event, or a circumstance brought about by black-magic.

Some strange phenomena in the presence of a person afflicted with black magic

There are also some dramatic events at times which are not always manifest unless the “krityaa” (black-magic effect) is very strong. These include spontaneous fires in the presence of the afflicted person, extinguishing of pooja lamp when the person looks at the lamp (this will be marked and you can clearly distinguish it from the natural phenomena when lamps get extinguished by a strong gush of wind; in black-magic cases, the extinguishing will be consistent), feats of superhuman strength like lifting away of heavy stones or objects and throwing them, smashing rocks with bare breast, etc.

Generally elephants are very powerful in removing the effects of black-magic. That is why kings of ancient days used elephants for their daily rounds around the important places in their capital while giving darshan to their subjects.

Factors that nullify the effect of black magic

Black magic does not severely affect a person unless there are strong astrological indicators in the horoscope itself that the person can become a victim of black-magic. If such a condition is not there, then black magic effects will at worst be very marginal and will lose their potency within weeks even without any mantrik intervention!

Again, those persons who do their sandhya worship (as their tradition ordains them to do) regularly, those who regularly offer oblations to their Pitrus (deceased ancestors) during amaavasya days (new Moon days), those who regularly keep Ekaadasi fasts, and those who offer special pooja or pay a visit to Shiva temple/ Narasimha temple during Pradosham will not be affected at all by black magic effects.

Visit to shrines like Gunaseelam in Tiruchi district, Chottanikkara Bhagavati temple in Kerala, Sholiingur in Tamil Nadu (Near Vellore), and Tiruvidaimaruthur (in Tanjore district near kumbakonam) will help a person to get rid of black magic effects. Especially visit to Tiruvidaimaruthur Mahaalinga swaamy temple is very good for removal of all doshams including “Brahmahati dosham”.[Brahmahati dosha arises due to either killing of a pious person or due to deliberate insult done to pious persons or due to obstruction of good deeds.

Devotees of Goddess Pratiyangiraa are never afflicted by black magic;what is more, the person who does black magic to them will get a taste of his/her own medicine administered PERSONALLY by the Goddess! (i.e. the Goddess will revert the Black Magic effects back unto the doer himself/ herself!).

There is actually nothing as such to fear about black magic unless the person who had done it against you is really powerful and has real command over the demi- gods and semi-Divine elementals. The Grace of God and the Glance of Holy Souls are enough to overcome all these negativities in life. A person who leads a Dharmic life is generally not troubled by these things at all. Dharma is the best armour!

Psychopathy or black-magic?

Role of family members in effecting the cure

In many cases, people mistake normal psychopathy (mental ailments like schizophrenia) for black magic effects and become gullible victims of unscrupulous persons who fleece them monetarily and otherwise using their innocence and naivete. Everyone should remember that prayer is the best remedy for all such occult disturbances. If the other family members are patient and courageous, and pray sincerely without reacting to the abnormality of the afflicted person, the malady will get cured automatically – be it psycopathical or mantrik……Thus family members have an important role to play in curing the person irrespective of whether the malady is mantrik or psychological.

If exorcism is really required due to the severity of the problem, it is best to approach only trusted persons whose nobility of thought and purpose are beyond question. Upaasakaas of Devi, Subhramanyar (Lord Skanda), Goddess Pratiyangiraa, Lord Sarabheshwara, Lord Hanuman, Lord Garuda or Lord Narasimha are generally endowed with the power to remove effects of Black magic.

Generally performance of Sudarshana Homam is a powerful remedy for overcoming the effects of spirits in one’s neighbourhood. Yearly performance of Sudarshana Homam can ensure good vibes in the residence/ work-place, and in fact many successful business persons do perform such a homam in their premises every year – either during Sudarshana Jayanthi or on other auspicious Thursdays.

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Article by: Pandit R. DAKSHINAMOORTHI