Regulate Your Anger And Be A Winner In Life


Shastras are unequivocal in stating that “Anger is the greatest enemy to self.” Anger makes you excited and distracted, thereby clouding your intelligence and your ability to tackle things appropriately. Just as there two types of stress – “Eu stress” that is considered positive and acts as a motivator and “distress” that is a potential spoil-sport for good performance, there are two types of anger. Anger stemming from righteous causes and rightly channeled can actually fire up your progress in life. It can help you tackle tough challenges and help you to face dangerous situations. However, constant anger without any perceivable causes (irritability and a general short-fuse) can be a great obstacle for your progress and also cause suffering to all those who are fated to move around you. Let us see what astrology has to say about this and also about how powerful controlled-aggression and assertiveness can be….

The position and planetary associations of the Red Planet – Mars are indicative of a person’s temper – whether he is short-tempered or not. Mars’ position also indicates the targets of a person’s anger….

1) If Mars is in the 2nd house, the person might use harsh words, and speak in such a way that others will literally dread whenever the person opens his mouth. The person may be basically good, and may even say certain things for the welfare of others, but the tone of his speech and his harsh usage of words will alienate others from him/ her.

2) If Mars is in the 4th house, it indicates a basically harsh character who tends to think that speaking tough is “being tough.” These persons are likely to be fortunate in acquisition of assets if other planetary combinations also favour that (like conjunction or aspect of Jupiter), but their short-tempered nature will be a curse that follows them giving them a bad name all their life unless they take conscious efforts to control that.

3) Mars and Saturn conjunct in any house of the horoscope can give rise to a violent temper and aggressive tendencies. In some cases, such individuals are initially victims of other’s short-tempered behaviour which they may take out on others in later life! This signature combination is often found in the horoscopes of many habitual abusers with a history of domestic violence or even worse!

4) Mars – Saturn combination in the 4th house or 8th house can make a person prone to serious accidents also.

5) Combination of Sun and Mars in the 5th house can make a person short-tempered. They are likely to misunderstand people’s intentions and get angry. However, if the person’s ascendant is Aries or Scorpio, the anger will be of “quick to anger but still quicker to forgive”. These persons can be easily cooled down by simple and logical explanations.

6) Ascendant or Moon in Scorpio can make a person highly emotional and short-tempered. Their anger stems from a basic irritability with their life circumstances.

7) Association of Mars to the ascendant or ascendant lord (i.e. if Mars is placed in the ascendant, or if it aspects it, or if it is in conjunction or aspect to the ascendant lord) can make a person short-tempered.

Apart from the aspects of Mars, there are other indications of fiery temperament – like if ascendant falls in a Fiery sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius); affliction of 3rd house lord (3rd house lord indicates courage and if the 3rd house lord is in conjunction with malefic planets, the person will be very courageous, but at the same time, known for rough and ready methods regarding everything in life!); if ascendant lord is placed in the 6th house (the person becomes his own enemy due to short-tempered behaviour).