Realise your Soul Connection

Our ever existing real-self, known as over-self or higher-self, sends down its extension in the form, of a physical body in order to accomplish certain tasks..


The physical body is an extension of the over-self. This body is controlled by the over-self. The over-self is like a brain with tremendous power and full awareness. The over-self with such unlimited powers and full awareness cannot itself come down to lower planes of existence such as Earth in order to gain certain experiences, which are not possible in the subtle high dimensional world (Astral world) where it exists.

The over-self therefore sends down one tenth of its consciousness to animate the body on earth.We can call this limited consciousness as the Soul. So certain experiences as planned are gained through the body and results relayed back to the over-self.
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Before the consciousness ascends down the plans for a life are worked out and various tasks are assigned. All the planning and knowledge of the astral world from where the consciousness descends is intact in the sub-conscious mind. In an average person the consciousness in the wakeful state is only one tenth of the total consciousness of the over-self.

Why an Average Person is consciously not Aware of His or Her Soul Connection? …

There are three main reasons which prevent an average spiritually undeveloped person to remain unaware of his or her soul connection:

♣ The esoteric knowledge and the information related to life planned in the astral is in the subconscious only and in an average person a barrier between conscious and sub-conscious prevents this information from coming to the conscious mind. It is deliberately done so that the person lives a normal life and uses his or her free will and intelligence to take the right path in life.

♣ Because of limited awareness viz. only one tenth (10%) an average spiritually undeveloped person is unable to comprehend esoteric knowledge available in various forms and believes he or she is only this physical body which controls itself.

♣ Because of God created delusive force called Maya a materially engrossed person considers this physical plane of existence the only reality. And does not realise that he or she is like a wave separated from the ocean.

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How to Realise your Soul Connection …

Conscious awareness of Soul connection comes gradually through spiritual development. For fast spiritual development three things are important:

(1) Righteous Living: Follow the golden rule as given by the great sage Lobsang Rampa, “Do to others as you would have them do to you”. Earn through right means and strive for overcoming your negative traits such as stealing, lying, deceiving others, being greedy and selfish and trustfulness etc.

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(2) Regular practice of Pranayama (breathing exercises) and Meditation: Both these are essential for fast development.

(3) Helping others in whatever way you can. If you have more than you need, then share with those who are less privileged and are in need. This raises one’s spiritual awareness and helps in attracting abundance even on the material plane.

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Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar