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Rahu in Gemini and its impact on Virgo Moon Sign

Virgo Moon Sign – How will be the Transit of Rahu in Gemini effect Virgo Moon Sign?

Rahu in Gemini and its impact on Virgo Moon Sign

Virgo Moon Sign

For people of Virgo moon sign the transit of Rahu in Gemini will take in the tenth house from their birth sign. In general such transit of Rahu is favorable but from health and family point of view some problems might arise. During this transit of Rahu there might be a possibility of getting the following fruits mentioned below:-


From health point of view this transit of Rahu may not be too favorable. During this transit period you may be vulnerable towards diseases of the heart and chest. If you are suffering from such diseases previously, then you need to be careful during these days.

Family and Social Life

From family and social life point of view also this transit of Rahu might be troublesome. You may feel worried about the health of your parents or any other family member. During this time lot of family quarrels might take place. Possibilities of separation from the family members might take place. Disputes may take place due to ancestral and fixed properties.

Financial Position

From financial and money point of view this transit of Rahu might give mixed results. On one hand opportunities to increase income arise on the other hand sudden expenses also increase. You might experience trouble in matters related to land, buildings and other fixed property. Expenses related to conveyances and other material amenities may also increase.


From career point of view this transit of Rahu should give favorable fruits. There is a possibility of gains from government sector. Persons who are in politics might have a possibility of getting success and a post during this period. Chances of job might come for those people who are unemployed. Opportunities of promotion might be obtained for people who are already on jobs. There is a possibility of getting accolades and prizes during this time. For business people also this transit of Rahu should give favorable fruits. During this period progress in business will be possible on the same you might get profit from money invested previously. Possibilities are also arising to give profits from any government related schemes. Pending tasks might gain progress in their completion.


In order to decrease the ill fruits and increase the good fruits of this transit of Rahu in the tenth house the below given remedies should be followed:-

  • 1) You may wear Hessonite gemstone.
  • 2) You may chant this mantra Om neelvarnaya vidmahe singhikaye dheemahi tanno rahu prachodayat as much as
  • possible.

  • 3) You may worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga.

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