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Rahu in Gemini and its impact on Sagittarius Moon Sign

Sagittarius Moon Sign – Rahu in Gemini and its impact on Gemini Moon Sign

Rahu in Gemini and its impact on Sagittarius Moon Sign

Sagittarius Moon Sign

For people of Sagittarius moon sign the transit of Rahu in Gemini will take place in the seventh house of their birth sign. The transit of Rahu in the seventh house is not considered to give good results in general. Due to this type of transit change in nature and hurdles in daily work might take place. The fruits of this transit of Rahu in various fields of life are as follows:-


From health point of view this transit of Rahu might give rise to physical and mental health ailments. Due to such kind of Rahu a person feels troubled due to unknown fear. You may face problems like excess of depression and anger. You may have aggressiveness in your nature due to which unnecessary disputes might arise. Daily new health problems may arise related to physical health. You may face various kinds of small and big health ailments due to which you might get worried about your overall health. Problems related to urinary system might trouble you more.

Family and Social Life

From family and social life point of view also this transit of Rahu is not favorable. During this transit domestic and family quarrels might increase. You may have tension or worry concerned with your life partner. You may even feel worried about the health of any family member.

Financial Position

From finance and monetary point of view also his transit of Rahu in the seventh house is not to give favorable fruits. You may face a possibility of ups and downs in your income due to this your financial position might adversely get affected. You might feel mentally dejected due to facing hurdles in your work. You may feel dissatisfaction due to not getting favorable fruits according to your hard work and efforts.


From career point of view this transit of Rahu is not to give favorable results. For people who are on jobs unnecessary disputes and arguments might arise. There might not be good relations with office bosses and you may not get desired support from them. You may feel difficult to attain your goals. Daily work gets affected due to hurdles and you may feel afflicted due to obstacles concerned with rules and law procedures. For this reason you should work seriously and carefully. From business point of view also this transit may not be favorable. Commercial losses and problems like tension with your business partners like arise. You may also face sudden expenses and losses.


To reduce the ill fruits of Rahu transit in the seventh house you should follow the below given remedies:-

  • 1) You should wear eight faced rudraksha in the neck on Monday or during some other auspicious time.
  • 2) You may chant the mantra Om bhraam bhraum bhreem saha rahuvey namah daily as much as possible.
  • 3) You should chant the mantra Om joom saha as much as possible daily.
  • 4) You may worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga daily.

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