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Rahu in Gemini and its impact on Libra Moon Sign

Libra Moon Sign – How will be the Transit of Rahu in Gemini impact Libra Moon Sign

Rahu in Gemini and its impact on Libra Moon Sign

Libra Moon Sign

For people of Libra moon sign this transit of Rahu in Gemini will take place in the ninth house from their birth sign. The transit of Rahu in the ninth house cannot be considered to give favorable results. This transit of Rahu will give the following below given fruits in various walks of life:-


From health point of view this transit of Rahu may give mixed results. You may have to face adversities concerned with health. During these days you may have troubles like depression, disinterest in work, unknown fear and mental depression. Unnecessary arguments might arise due to aggressiveness in your nature and behavior.

Family and Social Life

From family and social life point of view this transit of Rahu is not too favorable. Conditions of arguments with family members might arise. You may need to keep control over your nature and behavior. You may have worry related to your parents or any other family member.

Financial Position

From financial point of view this time is not too favorable. Tension may arise due to disputes related to property. During these days you may face increase in expenses and hurdles in your income. Your work might face obstacles due to lack of desired support from your destiny or fortune.


From career point of view also this transit of Rahu cannot be regarded to give favorable results. For people who are in job, tensions might arise for them in the office. Arguments may arise with your bosses and your work might not be given preference. Do not ignore rules and the law or else you may face troubles. People doing private jobs need to do and complete their work seriously and within time. This should be done because there might be a possibility for them to get dismissed from their job. This time is also not favorable even for people who are in the field of business. You may feel depressed due to not getting the desired progress in your business. You may have to face commercial losses. Adverse conditions might arise in government related disputes due to which you may have tension. Never ignore legal rules. Deposit tax and its returns on time.


In order to decrease the ill fruits given of Rahu in the ninth house you may follow the remedies that are given below:-

  • 1) Wear eight faced rudraksha in your neck on Monday or some other auspicious time.
  • 2) Wear Hessonite gemstone of 5 carat weight or even more than that.
  • 3) Chant this mantra Om aayeem hreem rahuvey namah as much as possible.
  • 4) Worship Goddess Durga.

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