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Rahu in Gemini and its impact on Gemini Moon Sign

Gemini Moon Sign – How will be the Transit of Rahu in Gemini Moon Sign for You

Rahu Transit for Gemini Moon Sign

Rahu in Gemini and its impact on Gemini Moon Sign

For people of Gemini moon sign this transit of Rahu will take place in the first house of their birth sign. This transit is not to give good fruits in general. Due to this reason you may feel lack of self confidence and reduction in capacity to take correct decisions. The results of Rahu transit in 1st house will give following results in all fields of life:-


From health point of view this transit of Rahu in Gemini cannot be considered to be good. Sudden health related problems may arise. On the other you may be careless in medical treatment and you may also suffer from mysterious and unknown diseases. You may face conditions like mental depression and lack of capacity to take correct decision. You may even feel troubled due to unknown fear.

Family and Social Life

From family and social point of view Rahu placed in Gemini moon sign in 1st house is not favorable. The peace of your family might get disturbed. Unnecessary arguments might arise and increase. You might get worried due to any member of your family. You may also feel troubled on account of worry concerned with your life partner. You may face problems on account of social prestige and image. Your social respect might get damaged due to any false charge or allegation.

Financial Position

Due to Rahu placed in Gemini birth sign your monetary and financial position might get badly affected. There might be a possibility of sudden and unexpected expenditures. Issues related to property might get more complicated. Hurdles in your daily work might trouble you.


From career point of view this transit of Rahu is not favorable. Mental depression and lack of interest in work may arise. You may even face incidents like change in your job. You might also face a possibility of getting an unfavorable transfer. Due to excess work load and office politics you may suffer with too much mental depression. You may face unnecessary disputes and arguments with your bosses and office colleagues. This transit of Rahu is also not favorable for business people. You may face new problems in your daily work. Sudden losses, increase in expenses, cheating, theft and arguments with your business partners might trouble you. For unemployed people Rahu placed in the birth sign is not to give good results. You may not be able to prepare for competitive exams due to mental depression and lack of interest in studies.


In order to reduce the ill fruits of Rahu placed in Gemini moon sign in the first house you may follow the below given remedies:-

  • 1) Chant this mantra daily Om aayen hreem rahuvey namah.
  • 2) Wear eight faced rudraksha in your neck.
  • 3) You may worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga.
  • 4) You chant this mantra Om Joom Saha as much as you can.