Rahu is Behind Modi’s Victory

Rahu is Behind Modi’s Victory

The present day politics is not clean politics, politicians cannot survive without support of the negative forces therefore the main significator of present day politics is Rahu.


Narendra Damodardas Modi, India’s current Prime Minister is ruled by Mars in its sign of Scorpio. It is a fixed sign so whatever he once decides to do no one can convince him to change his mind. It’s a good trait for an individual, but for a leader it is not a desired trait as best opinion of others must be considered for good governance.

His birth chart indicates that he can give his best only in times of obstacles and difficulties. The more he is opposed the stronger gets.

He has been blessed by Rahu, but both his Rahu and Moon are in the nakshatra (constellation) of Saturn so when Saturn moves to Scorpio he may face troubles.

Rahu Made Him the Prime Minister

The present day politics needs support of negative forces hence Rahu is one of the main signifier of politics.

Narendra Modi is currently running sub-period (Antardasha) of Rahu in the main period (Mahadasha) of Moon. The antardasha of Rahu started on 18th April 2013 and it will last till 22nd October 2014.

You may observe that in his Birth Chart Mars the Ascendant Lord is placed in the Ascendant which makes both of these strong .His luck lord Moon is debilitated in the ascendant, but being placed in its friend Mars’s sign it gets full support and will spear him ahead instead of strong opposition.

From October 2014 he may have to face lot of opposition and unpredictable events may occur as Saturn moves to Scorpio in transit. Let us wish him good luck!

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