PAGACHALANA (leg twisting pose)




1. Lie down flat on your back and stretch your hand side-ways to your shoulder with palms on the floor.

2. Now keep the heel of your right leg between the big and small toe of the left foot. Keep both feet erect, one upon the other, in this position.

3. Now, without changing the position of your feet, try to touch the right foot to the ground on the left side. While turning your head to the right and vice verse, stay in the position for some time. The same should be repeated by keeping the left foot over the right. Breathing should be normal.

4. Do this exercise three to four times with each leg, and then rest in Shavasana for a while.

Benefits & Precautions:

This exercise is a variation of Katichalana and is useful in relieving pain in the back, legs and shoulders. as and liver.