Only an Accurate Horoscope should be relied

Only an accurately made horoscope can be relied upon for probable results. The accuracy depends upon two main factors……


Accuracy of a horoscope is very important if any reasonably accurate assessment of probabilities is desired. The accuracy depends upon two main factors viz. the birth data and the procedure for various calculations. Let us examine both these in some detail:

The Birth Data

Three essential constituents of the birth data for making an accurate horoscope are the date of birth (DOB), time of birth (TOB) and the place of birth (POB). All three are important, let us see why.

The Date of Birth: Some people may argue that if the time is correct then the date may not make much difference. No that belief is wrong it’s not only the fast moving planet the Moon which will change position, one or more of the other slow moving planets may be coincidentally changing sign on that date.

Another important point is that even though a planet does not change sign it may change its constellation (nakshatra). All good Vedic astrologers give due consideration to nakshatras so the results will change.

The Time of Birth: The time of birth is very important as it not only determines the ascendant sign of a birth chart but also the nakshatra it falls into. The zodiac sign which at the time of birth is rising in the eastern horizon is considered as the ascendant sign of the birth chart.

Each zodiac sign takes about two hours to fully rise before the next sign comes. Problem can be faced if there is confusion about the birth time and during that time the ascendant changes. One would not know which sign is to be taken. We all know that difference in the ascendant sign will make a tremendous difference as the whole birth chart changes. Check out Free Horoscopes

Caution about Birth Time Rectification: No formula can tell the correct birth time of a child. So all those who claim to do so are only fooling people. When the author of this article was studying in Jyotish Visharad course run by ICAS he was taught birth time correction method as part of the curriculum. He pointed out its falsity and ill logic behind it to his teacher (Guru), the later had agreed with the author’s views.

Place of Birth: The place of birth means its longitude and latitude and it is important as it makes difference in time as well as the rising sign.

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Creating a Horoscope

Before computers were invented astrologers spent hours upon hours and in some cases days to do all calculations and create a horoscope. There was also an ample chance of making mistakes. But these days life is made simple and many accurate soft-wares are available to create a Vedic Horoscope.

So once the birth data is accurate one can hope to get an accurate horoscope which when properly analysed will give reasonably reliable predictions.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar