Why Oil is Offered to Lord Saturn or Shanidev?

Shani Dev

To reduce the bad effects of Saade Sati, Adiyaa and bad position of Saturn in ones horoscope it is advised to offer oil to Saturn on every Saturday. Even during the phase of Saturn oil is offered to him on every Saturday. Do you know why oil is offered to Saturn? Many tales and stories are being told about it. According to one story once Saturn became arrogant about his power and valor. That time belonged to the epic Ramayana. At that time the fame of Hanuman’s valor and might had got spread everywhere. When Saturn came to know anout it then he started to approach Hanuman for fighting a duel with him. At that time Hanuman was sitting at a lonely spot and he was meditating on Lord Ram. At the same time Saturn came there and he challenged Hanuman to fight a duel with him.

After seeing and hearing the challenge of Saturn, Hanuman tried to explain Saturn and tried to avoid the fight yet Saturn didn’t agree. He challenged Hanuman to fight with him again and again. At the end Hanuman agreed to fight with Saturn and both of them fought a fierce battle with one another. Hanuman defeated Saturn badly and the latter got injured badly due to blows of Hanuman and his body suffered with immense pain. Hanuman became compassionate towards Saturn and gave him oil to get cured of pain. After applying this oil Saturn got cured of all the pain. From that time the custom of offering oil to Saturn started. Whoever offers oil to Saturn then his all sorrows and troubles of life gets removed.

According to one another tale when the monkey army created a bridge over the ocean then Hanuman was give the task to protect this bridge from the attack of demons. After taking this responsibility Hanuman sat near the bridge and was protecting it. He was also meditating on Lord Ram. At the same time Sun’s progeny Saturn came there and started challenging him to fight a battle. Then Hanuman told him that this time he is remembering and meditating on his Lord so he requested Saturn not to lay obstacles in it. Hanuman also told Saturn that he respects him. He requested Saturn to go but Saturn was not the one to agree with it. He came to Hanuman and was adamant to fight.

Then Hanuman tied Saturn in his tail and started torturing him. Saturn felt trouble with it. After this Hanuman paid respects to the constructed bridge and started stroking the body of Saturn against the stones of the bridge to remove his arrogance. Due to this reason Saturn got many injuries in his body. Then Saturn asked forgiveness from Hanuman and requested him to free him from his tail. Saturn told he has been punished for his ill deeds and now he won’t do such an offence again. Then Hanuman gave oil to Saturn and the latter got cured of all pain and injuries by applying that oil on his body. From that day the custom of offering oil to Saturn got started so that he may become pleased.

How to offer oil to Saturn?

Before offering oil to Saturn you should see your image in it. After this you should offer oil to the statue of Saturn. By doing this all troubles of life due to Saturn will get removed. Whatever obstacles you have due to Saturn in your life, they will get removed.