Numerology Prosperity – Numerology Reveals Your Prosperity Potential

Numerology Prosperity – Prosperity, by definition, is the condition of enjoying wealth, success, or good fortune. The single number derived from your full date of birth reveals your ability to prosper in life..

Numerology Prosperity

“Life is ever giving of itself. We must receive, utilize and extend the gift. Success and prosperity are spiritual attributes belonging to all people.” – Ernest Holmes

Does Prosperity Happen by Chance? …

Prosperity does not happen by accident or chance. If you come across some who got abundance overnight or without much effort then do not get confused, they definitely had worked for it in their previous incarnations. Their acts in that direction are fructifying now in the current life.

Sow the Seeds of Prosperity …

Sowing the seeds of prosperity means planting the needed ‘seeds’ to achieve prosperity. These seeds are the hidden energies which if properly roused or seeded in time can bear flowers of prosperity. The divine sciences of astrology and numerology can help you to discover your hidden qualities or latent energies or ‘seeds’, which in addition to other things can expose your wealth potential.

Your good as well as bad seeds are revealed, so avoid bad ones and sow only the good ones.

Numerology Based Wealth Potential …

In order to know your wealth potential through the science of Numerology you need to find the single number corresponding to your full date of birth. For example if you were born on 14th September 1980 then your wealth potential number is as follows:

14+9+1980=1+4+9+1+9+8+0=32=3+2=5, so your Prosperity Potential can be read as given under number 5.

Number 1 Numerology Prosperity Potential


You are born with good degree of potential to earn well using your courage, limitless energies, charismatic personality, creative outlook and independent nature.

You can prosper much and fast by working on your own or with your father. In any situation try to keep the control of things in your own hands but always keep a cool mind.

Good Seeds: Self-confidence, Independent approach, Initiative.

Bad Seeds: Impulsiveness, Bossy attitude, Anger, Over-confidence.

Number 2 Numerology Prosperity Potential


The main hurdles in your path to prosperity are your lack of initiative and strength of will.

You make good plans but fail to give them a practical shape. It is good to move according to some plan but it has to be realistic. A plan on paper is just the beginning so sow the good seeds.

All avenues related to public dealings will be suitable as you have the ability to tackle people diplomatically, let this be your main strength.

Good Seeds: Ability to deal with people,planning ability,Stability, financial management and control.

Bad Seeds: Lack of initiative, Lethargy, Lack of strong will.

Number 3 Numerology Prosperity Potential


You are wise and thoughtful so make these your main strengths. Use your contacts with the influential and high-ranking people in order to succeed.

Try to play big which will help you rise and expand fast rather than working on a small scale.

Do not at any cost give up your righteous approach to life. Do things the legal way, this will pay you in the long run.

Good Seeds: Wisdom, good intellect, practical approach.

Bad Seeds: Proudly feelings, disrespect of seniors, desire to expand enterprise without resources.

Number 4 Numerology Prosperity Potential


You can achieve your financial goals through hard work and enterprise.

With the existing potential there is nothing to stop you except negative thinking.

There is no area of work in which you cannot succeed. Just be more focused and realistic.

You may not be able to get rich overnight and can do it gradually with own efforts.

Good Seeds: Self-confidence, ability to work with own ideas.

Bad Seeds: Negative thinking, self-centred attitude, mental confusion.

Numerology Number 5 Prosperity Potential


You are gifted with business acumen and good intellect.

You are business minded and have good wealth potential. You can earn well through intellectual and engineering pursuits.

Have partnership only with disciplined and righteous persons who are careful and honest with money.

Good Seeds: Ability to run any business, abundance of new ideas, inborn wealth potential.

Bad Seeds: Restlessness, desire to undertake more than one job at a time.

Number 6 Numerology Prosperity Potential


You are born lucky to get rich and excel in your field of work.

Becoming rich is no problem for you provided you sow your good seeds in time. Your will need to control your expanses and keep a balanced outlook.

Regularly give a part of your earnings for the benefit of the society and in particular to the poor. This will attract more prosperity towards you.

Good Seeds: Good luck, high wealth potential.

Bad Seeds: Extravagancy, getting indulged in bad habits, desire for many comforts.

Numerology Number 7 Prosperity Potential


Give up your pessimistic approach and also control your temper in order to get rich and attract money. You have strong desire to become rich.

In order to increase your wealth potential try to get rid of your fear of unknown.

Good Seeds: Dreaming big.

Bad Seeds: Pessimistic attitude, fear, lack of self confidence.

Number 8 Numerology Prosperity Potential


In your case your prosperity is dependent upon your own approach to life. On a positive note you can be rolling in money and enjoy success. But if you are pessimistic and lack focus of mind then you will be just average.

Initially you may have to put efforts and struggle to create a niche for yourself. Getting enough to make both ends meet will never be a problem but if you have patience and strong will then there will be no limit to your prosperity.

You have nothing to fear just channel your energies and keep calm and composed.

Good Seeds: Ability for struggle, depth of thought.

Bad Seeds: Impatience, negative thinking.

Number 9 Numerology Prosperity Potential


You have the potential and qualities for becoming rich and famous. Your enemies are overconfidence, lack of patience and thoughtless or impulsive action and anger.

Plan well and have patience.

Base all your actions on realistic plans and keep a cool and composed mind.

Good Seeds: High energy, fearlessness, good initiative.

Bad Seeds: Taking too many risks, anger, thoughtless action.

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Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar