New Moon in Leo on 19 August 2020

New Moon in Leo

Moon in Leo

Moon in Leo

New Moon in Leo on 19th August 2020. It has impact on each sign. Check the impact on your sign

Aries – New Moon in Leo, your 5th house

The next two weeks could see a serious new romance on the agenda, a stimulating project or using your creativity in writing, music and the arts. With Mars in your 1st house, you’ll be looking for alternatives, excitement and something that will stimulate you. You’ll display your sexuality and magnetism to lure romantic attractions. It’s a good time to keep your mind occupied.

Taurus – New Moon in Leo, your 4th house

The next two weeks you will be paying attention to conditions on the home front. Building your emotional strength, personal demands, issues with family members, and making changes are all in the picture. This is the time to start a new direction by improving your rationale, creativity, lifestyle and environment. You will feel inspired as new ideas, plans and decisions take priority, together with your approach to sensitive issues between your career, public life, security and comfort needs.

Gemini – New Moon in Leo, your 3rd house

This will bring the opportunity for new beginnings and directions over the next few weeks, with an increase in movement, discussions and expressing new ideas. Firm decisions will be made, however difficult to convey. Your daily routine will be busy with phone calls, travel, interacting, and connecting with family members and others. Help sort out any problematic areas and sort through the finer details of documents and agreements. The computer may be your friend at the moment as you seek the latest news and do internet chatting. It may also signal a change in your surroundings, perhaps because you’re about to relocate because of neighbours. Boo.

Cancer – New Moon in Leo, your 2nd house

How are your finances holding up? Are you feeling comfortably off at the moment or are you wondering how to make your money last until the end of the month? If you’ve barely got two pennies to rub together, take advantage of the New Moon to do something about it. Maybe it’s time to ask for help, or perhaps you simply need to adopt a much tougher fiscal strategy, and then stick to it. So, the next two weeks may have you redefining your value system, and instigating a workable budget.

Leo – New Moon in Leo, your 1st house

Yes! The next few weeks invite you to increase your personal magnetism, emotional drive and express your emotional needs. You’ll be particularly sensitive, changeable and affected by the mood-swings of others in an effort to find a direction. Be confident and flexible in your search for improving the structure of new and existing relationships and partnerships by showing love and encouraging harmony. It also gives you the opportunity to introduce beneficial changes and improvements to your life.

Virgo – New Moon in Leo, your 12th house

Worries that have been plaguing you could rise to the surface and you may be keen to discuss your problems, or helping others sort out theirs. If you can’t alter the circumstances that you find yourself in at the moment, then you need to alter your attitude towards them. You may not be able to do this on your own, so consider seeking professional help if needs be. Your sensitivity and intuition will be particularly sharp so use it wisely. Secrets may come out when least expected. Curb those fears, insecurities and feelings of anxiety including past experiences. A good time to reflect, meditate and gain insight by managing those low key moments.

Libra – New Moon in Leo, your 11th house

Friendships will play an important role over the next few weeks, when you’ll be able to set a new direction with your goals, fulfilling your hopes and dreams. Use fresh creative ideas with the arts, music and performance. Someone new may enter your social group, or you’ll be introduced to a potential romantic flame. Get a few of your ideas off the ground. You’ll also enjoy emotional responses and bonds within existing relationships, finding support which leads to a mutual understanding of each other’s values, ideals and future aims.

Scorpio – New Moon in Leo, your 10th house

Your assertive drive will aid long-term plans with new creative ideas and a determination to improve your public status, career path and reputation. Your feelings could govern your next move within your profession, but there seem to be just too many avenues to follow! Apply for a new job, show your leadership potential, or ask for a promotion to another field. Balance your lifestyle and nurture your emotional needs with the comforts of home and family. Mars is still at play with your work and health while Uranus square your midheaven creates unexpected changes to your relationships, business deals and job opportunities.

Sagittarius – New Moon in Leo, your 9th house

The next two weeks will have you considering and stimulating your desire to expand your world experiences. You’ll chase up facts, figures and lines of information and feel more involved with news locally and abroad. If you can’t travel now, browse through the world wide web of places you would like to visit. Leave the door open for one-time opportunities, benefits and attracting good luck. You may even start a language course, expand on advanced study, marketing, outdoor sports, or teach and publish your creative work.

Capricorn – New Moon in Leo, your 8th house

Over the next two weeks, the Goat should begin work by examining finances, sifting through your commitments, and consolidating loans or credit card debts. Introduce financial planning, or some other way of controlling expenditure and managing other people’s money. If you want to put your money to work, think about how you can make it grow. Maybe you should seek some expert advice if you aren’t sure what to do, or perhaps you’re now ready to make a decision and hope that it turns out well. Find new way for expressing your passionate feelings and sexual magnetism within intimate partnerships.

Aquarius – New Moon in Leo, your 7th house

Over the next two weeks, your emotions and feelings will be heightened in relationships and partnerships. Start a new phase to mend any rifts, or if you have fallen out with someone close, add a touch of romance. Singles may begin a new love relationship or meet someone who has a great impact on you. Others will experience their relationships at a higher level, deepening bonds and commitments. On the flipside, expect underlying tensions, depression and struggling with your energy levels.

Pisces – New Moon in Leo, your 6th house

The next two weeks invite you to take courageous steps towards introducing new health habits, making positive changes at work in your daily tasks and routines. You may even be placed in the limelight, taking charge of social events, or entertainment at a work function. Good public relations will pay off, especially if you are dealing with difficult customers. Be patient; improve your organisational talents by showing competence and paying attention to detail.