New Age Karva Chauth 2023

New Age Karva Chauth – Karva Chauth is going to fall on 01 November 2023. It is celebrated by both husband and wife in order to make stronger the falling apart institution of marriage.

New Age Karva Chauth

Once upon a time, a violent war raged between the devatas and demons. Devatas approached to God Brahma for assistance. Brahma ji advised that devatas will win the war and live long life if their consorts (Spouses) observe a day long fast on the 4th lunar date (Chauth or Chaturthi) of the month of Kartika and worshipped for their long life.

As a result of the penance of their spouses, Devtas won the war before Moon rise on that day. Their consorts (Spouses) ended the fast after viewing the Moon.

The Meaning of ‘Karva Chauth’

This occasion coincides with the wheat-sowing time. Wheat is stored in big earthen pots which are sometimes known as karvas, so the fast may have begun as a wish for a good crop.

Let us in this new age link this name ‘Karva’ to life. The human body is similar to an earthen pot being composed of the five essentials. After casualty, this bodily pot or ‘Karva’ disintegrates into these five elements. So, longevity of this ‘Karva’ or physical body is desired by observing fast and worshiping.

Long Live the Husband!

There are many legends associated with Karva Chauth but no one tells the origin and true significance of this event. Day long fast is observed by the married women for the long life of their husbands. Even this fast is kept by some adult unmarried girls for their future husbands. Fasting in Karva Chauth

What about long life of Wife?

The question raises in the mind of any conscientious person is that why husbands are not wishing for their wives longevity? Such questions are more significant today when people discuss openly about gender equality.

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Wives adjust a lot for their husbands and justify a gesture of respect on such festivals.

New Age Karva Chauth – Does Keeping fast complete any wish?

“Faith can move mountains”. Here I pray to my all those associates who have drunk a high dose of so called scientific anger. Present day science is far behind the facts of our ancient seers. By keeping fast or any other kind of penance with pure and sincere heart, one generates a strong force which when combines with the blessings of God can achieve any preferred result. So, the significance of all such festivals, ceremonies and customs are feeling and faith based and can do wonders beyond imagination.

In the times of sorrow even a powerfully atheistic person does not pray to Einstein for facilitate but to God!

Let us execute this Karva Chauth as New Age Karva Chauth

The age old holy institution of wedding is falling apart and husbands need to respect their partners.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar