Nav Grah Pooja

Navgrah Puja denotes the worship of nine planets which consists of Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. The Puja of these Navgrahas put forth an influence in individual’s lives. This pooja plays an important role in our horoscope as it reduces the negative rays of planets and provides the positive energies to the devotees. People perform this puja in order to balance the position of their Grahas due to which they face many problems in their life.


Navgrah Puja can be done after the astrological analysis of your horoscope. In this way, you would be able to know that which planet is affecting you adversely and accordingly, you can perform the Puja of that Graha in order to accrue good results. Devotees should arrange the materials needed in advance like Coconut, Beetle leaves, fruits, Ghee, Prasad, Sweets and Hawan Kund samagri. After performing this Puja, they should offer food and clothes to the Brahmin, who completes this puja.

Cost of this Pooja – Rs. 1900/-

Above mentioned cost includes the cost of following -:

1. Basic Material (Roli, Moli, Dhoop, Supari, Laung, Illaichi, Kapoor, Jau, Till, Batasha, Itra, Deepak,Panchmewa, Chawal, Janeyu, Pachranga, Rui baati)

2. Nine types of pulses

3. Narial, Gola

4. Honey

5. Boora, Hawan Samagri, Navgrah Lakdi, Lakdi Sameedha, Desi Ghee

6. Red & White Cloth

7. Dauna, Kalash

8. Gangajal, Kevda Jal

9. Milk

10. Curd

Service Charges

1. Pooja Charges by Pandit ji

2. Material provided by Pandit ji (Hawan kund, aam ke patte, durwa tulsi etc.)

Note : 1. Above Material does not include Sweets, Fruits and Utensils. Customer has to arrange these items compulsory for the pooja.

2. Customer can also take this package without material but in that case you need to arrange all the items mentioned above.

Please Contact @

1. Mrs. Malini Gupta – 09811660058