Fengshui Tips – Eight Miraculous Tips of Fengshai

Fengshui Tips – Here are eight Miraculous Tips of Fengshui

Fengshui Tips

1. No unnecessary things in the kitchen

Do not keep unnecessary things in the kitchen like, rotten fruits and vegetables, old packets and bottles, empty boxes, unusable electrical appliances, filled up garbage bins, old utensils which have never been used, old plastic bags, any such thing which you feel would be of any use to you but they are never being used.

2. Close the toilet door

Toilet is one place from where negative energy is generated. There are germs which cause diseases. Toilet should be clean and its door should be kept closed always. To keep your toilet free of germs, keep a bowl of sea salt and keep the lid of commode closed.

3. Correct position to sit in the office

No matter how much beautiful your office may be, but if the position in which you sit in your office is faulty then it can bring immense harm to you. According to Feng-Shui, the table of the Director should be in a corner away from the door. It should never be in front of the main door as the peace and concentration of the room gets disturbed and has bad effect on the working of the Director.

4. Worship God everyday

Everyday, in the morning and evening, listen to Gayatri Mantra or any mantra or aarti of your choice or chant them. Due to these mantras, peace and happiness enters the house. Your heart lightens up and the house becomes chaste.

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5. Burn incense everyday

People of all religions pray and worship in their own way in which somewhere or the other they use incense. The fragrance of incense makes the whole environment scented and fresh due to which the air containing negative energy becomes pure and holy. Habit of lighting incense is a must.

6. Hang buoyant pictures

For cordial relations between the family members put happy pictures of family members in the north or east direction of the drawing room. This remedy is useful for those families where there are frequent fights, like, between father& son, mother-in-law& daughter-in-law etc. For increasing feeling of love and affection amongst them, put buoyant photographs of family members.

7. Put three legged frog

Frog is considered to be very lucky and if it is three legged then all the more better. Three legged frog should be such that from its mouth an Indian coin to seem to come out. It should be kept near the main door. It should face the room as if it has just jumped inside the house with money.

8. Taps should not leak

In Feng-Shui water is compared with money, That is the reason, if any tap is leaking in your house then it should be mended otherwise the money is going to flow out like water.

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