relaxing pose



1. Lie on your back gently and rest your legs on a chair.

2. Close your eyes and try to relax your body, mentally and physically.

Benefits & Precautions:

This is highly recommended in relieving stiffness of spine and backache.

What to know about Merudanda Shithilikaran?

This is one of the most popular yoga asanas. When you do this yoga exercise then you will get many health benefits. While doing this exercise you will need to make your knees soft to touch. Just fold them forward in a slow speed. Make your hands just opposite to your elbows. You can also make your head, neck and arms a bit heavy with this kind of yoga asana. You have to release tension that you are experience in your lower portion of your back. You can soften your knees till the end of your exercise and you can also slightly shift your body weight in the forward direction.

The unique benefits of Merudanda Shithilikaran

1) This asana brings relaxation to your mind as well as body.
2) It brings a soothing vibration to your nervous system.
3) This exercise can enhance your mood when you feel mentally stressed.
4) You can get rid of chronic pain with this yoga asana.
5) With this asana you can improve your needs of sleeping.

The final conclusion

When you want to have a deep vibe of relaxation then just do and practice the exercise of Merudanda Shithilikaran. With it you feel much better when it comes to having a good general health. Yet you have to do this exercise under the guidance of an experienced yoga teacher. Just see how this kind of a yoga professional will guide you to be in a perfect position when you want to gain benefits with this Merudanda Shithilikaran relaxing pose.