Mercury Transit In Capricorn On 28 December 2022

Mercury will enter the zodiac sign of Capricorn on December 28, 2022. This transit will occur at 4:05 AM. Capricorn is the 10th zodiac sign. Saturn is the ruler of this sign. The Capricorn zodiac sign, or Makar Rashi, has feminine qualities and an earth element. The sign is favorable for the planet Mercury. Mercury becomes practical and materialistic when placed in Capricorn. Mercury’s transit in Makar Rashi will have a different effect on each zodiac sign. This transit will benefit media professionals and those working in the mass media field.

Mercury Transit in Capricorn

Mercury Transit in Capricorn

Let’s know the effect of the transit of Mercury in Capricorn on the zodiac signs.


The transit is good for your career. You will do work in the office in a very organized manner. There will be an improvement in your communication skills. Media professionals and people who have done mass communication will be benefitted from the transit. The period is favorable for accountants. If you work in a finance company or investment banking area, you will get benefits. There can be a work-related trip to some place but you may have a health problem during this trip. You should take care of your health. Your relationship with your mother will be good and the family environment will be pleasant.

Remedy- Do Jaap of Ganesh Mantra 108 times daily


The time is favorable for students, especially those who are doing post-graduation and Ph.D. studies. People of the Taurus zodiac sign may develop an interest in reading religious literature and mythological books. You will give good advice to others. Your advice will have a good impact on other people. Philosophers, mentors, and teachers have a powerful influence on others. Your father and teacher will support you. Your relationship with your brothers and sisters will be very good. You will have a good time with them, and maybe you will go on a religious trip or pilgrimage with them to someplace.

Remedy- Do Ganesh Pooja with Durva grass


The transit of Mercury in Capricorn will be a little challenging for you. You should take care of your health and your mother’s health. Gemini can have skin diseases. Some of you might have problems related to the nervous system. There can be uncertainty in your job. There can be a sudden increase in your expenses. People who are researching or studying astrology and other occult subjects will get a benefit. Your communication skills will be very good. Gemini zodiac sign people should be careful while talking. They should avoid humor and joking as it can hurt other people, especially their mothers.

Remedy- Give respect and gifts to transgender people


The transit is favorable for gains in business partnerships. Cancer natives who have a connection or association with a foreign company will get profit. The time is good for going on a romantic trip with your spouse or life partner to a foreign location or country You may have a memorable time with your life partner during the journey. Cancer zodiac sign natives are advised to pay attention to their health and fitness. They should take a balanced diet and adopt a healthy lifestyle. This will help in improving your personality.

Remedy- Add greenery to your bedroom by placing an indoor plant in it


People born under the sign of Leo may face financial difficulties during this transit. Your expenses may increase and you may spend your savings. If you want to take a loan from a bank, you may succeed in securing the loan. The transit will be good for your career. Students who are preparing for competitive exams or have already given the exam will get good marks and will be successful. You need to be careful with your health. Take a balanced diet; do workouts, yoga, and meditation. Your relationship with your maternal uncle will be very good.

Remedy- Give green grass or fodder to cows. Do this daily


The transit of Mercury in Capricorn is very favorable for students who have joined a professional course and want to start a career. They will get a chance to enter an occupation at this time. Lovers will have a romantic time with their partner There can be some small fights or disputes with your partner, but they will not harm your relationship. You will try to make your partner happy. This will make your relationship stronger. Married people will like to be with their children.

Remedy- Make a ring of 5–6 carat emerald in gold or panchdhatu and wear it on Wednesday


Your family life will be happy, and you will have comfort in your home. Your relationship with your family members will be very good. You will have the full support of your mother. You will spend quality time with her. You can buy some electronic gadgets. The transit is advantageous for beginning a career or a home-based business. If you are running a family business, your hard work may bring your business to great heights. This transit is good for real estate agents, companies, and builders of the Libra zodiac sign; they can sign some profitable deals during this time.

Remedy- Do Tulsi Pooja and light a Diya


This transit will give you a chance to convert your hobbies and interests into a source of income or a career. You can also start a business with your brothers and sisters. You may go on a short trip with them or go on a pilgrimage with them. The period is favorable for writers and researchers. You will get benefits if you work as a suspense writer or crime reporter The transit is favorable for action movie directors. Scorpions will have a pleasant relationship with their father. Your father admires the work that you have been doing.

Remedy- Give a gift to your younger brother or paternal cousin


During the transit of Mercury, you will have very effective and improved communication skills. Your ability to speak will be very good. Accountants and investment bankers of the Sagittarius zodiac sign will do well in their careers. People who work in the finance sector will benefit. The transit is advantageous for business collaboration and partnerships. Sagittarius zodiac sign natives should be careful of their life partner’s health as they can suffer from skin diseases or disorders of the nervous system. Take your life partner for a medical checkup. You may buy a joint property with your spouse.

Remedy- Do Jaap or Mercury’s Beej mantra


This transit of Mercury in the 1st house of your horoscope will make you intelligent, smart, and clever. You may develop the ability to do business. These are the qualities of a good businessperson. If you own and run your own business, you will make a high profit during this time. The transit will benefit teachers and lecturers. The period is also favorable for mentors and politicians. There will be an improvement in business partnerships. Your business partner will give you full support. Your relationship with your father will be very strong. You will get full support from him.

Remedy- Establish Budh mantra in your home or office


The transit is favorable for students of the Aquarius zodiac sign who wish to study in a foreign country or do a professional course at a university in a different country. Professionals who work for multinational companies will benefit from this period. It is a good transit for people who work in an overseas company. You are advised to take care of your health and maintain a healthy diet. Be careful of cleanliness and hygiene. Your expenses will rise. You may also suffer an economic loss. Be careful with financial matters.

Remedy- Float a whole pumpkin in running water after touching it with your forehead


People of the Pisces zodiac sign will reap the fruits of the labor that they have been doing. Your hard work will give you good and positive results now. All your wishes will be fulfilled during this period. Professionals will gain fame in their careers and offices. You will profit from your property. If you are enrolled in an educational course in mass communication, you will benefit. Students who are doing a study of writing or language will also get good results from this transit. You will get respect in society. Your family will support you.

Remedy- Give green-colored items to kids as a gift