Mercury in Scorpio – 2 January 2024

Mercury in Scorpio: Significance of Mercury and Scorpio in Astrology

According to Hindu mythological beliefs, Mercury is considered the son of Chandra Deva (the Moon). It is inherently adaptable, calm, humble, and transformative. When Mercury sits with auspicious planets in the birth chart, it provides positive results to the individuals. Those whose birth chart has strong Mercury tend to appear youthful for their age. However, Mercury can be seen with the naked eye in the sky. It is located very close to the Sun and never goes more than 28 degrees away from it. In this context, when Mercury is present within 8 degrees of the Sun, it is called combust. During this phase, Mercury loses all its powers. However, some astrologers argue that due to the proximity to the Sun, Mercury is never combust. Meanwhile, in the zodiac, Mercury rules over Gemini and Virgo. It is exalted in Virgo and debilitated in Pisces.

Budh Dev (Mercury) represents logic, education, observation, etc., in an individual. Additionally, it governs various aspects of the human body, such as the nervous system, intestines, hands, mouth, tongue, senses, intelligence, and expression. Budh Maharaj signifies short journeys, continuous travels, teaching, communication, writing, printing, stationery, secretarial work, correspondence, and related activities. Wednesday is dedicated to Budh Maharaj, and it has dominion over fluid metals in the body. The colour associated with Mercury is green, and wearing emerald gemstone is believed to appease Mercury.

Individuals with strong Mercury in their horoscope often excel as speakers, writers, journalists, teachers, secretaries, accountants, etc. Such individuals demonstrate the ability to hold positions through their learning, sharp intellect, skills, and memory. They efficiently manage all their tasks in a very organized manner.

The influence of Budh Grah (Mercury) reflects the mental disposition of a person, as it controls the response to anything or any situation. Mercury is considered an extremely intelligent, naturally straightforward, and deeply analytical planet. A strong placement of Mercury in the birth chart or a favourable aspect from other planets bestows qualities such as political acumen, logical thinking, learning ability, etc. Those influenced by Mercury often have a keen interest in profound sciences. These individuals are versatile and excel in subjects like mathematics, engineering, accounting, and banking.

On the contrary, if Mercury’s placement in a person’s horoscope is unfavourable or weak, such individuals tend to be cunning, mischievous, and deceitful by nature. They may project themselves as knowledgeable in everything while the reality may be different. The malefic influence of Mercury can affect the nervous system, leading to concerns about weakened heart and mind.

Now, moving on to the Scorpio zodiac sign, which is the eighth sign in the zodiac circle. Scorpio is ruled by Mars and is associated with the water element. It is a fixed sign, and it represents the ups and downs, as well as transformations in life. Scorpio also reveals the hidden mysteries of a person’s life and is associated with natural resources like oil, gasoline, gas, and gemstones. Moreover, Scorpio is linked to emergencies, injuries, and surgeries.

Impact of Mercury in Scorpio on each Zodiac Signs and remedies:


Mercury governs the third and sixth houses and will be in Scorpio from January 2, 2024, transiting your eighth house. The eighth house in the horoscope is associated with longevity, sudden events, secrecy, occult sciences, and transformation. The presence of Mercury in the eighth house is not considered favourable for Aries natives. As a result, during this period, conflicts and misunderstandings in your life are expected to diminish significantly.

However, the resolution to these challenges will be complete when Mercury moves into a different house. For Aries individuals who have been dealing with skin or throat-related issues, now is the time to find the right treatment. Those facing disagreements or disputes with siblings or relatives will find a resolution.

It’s worth noting that Mercury in the eighth house is forming a beneficial yoga (combination) called Viparita Rajayoga. As a result, you will be able to overcome challenging situations with strong determination.

Remedy: Show respect to transgender individuals, and if possible, donate green-colored clothes to them.


Mercury rules your second and fifth houses in the horoscope. It will be transiting Scorpio from January 2, 2024, entering your seventh house. The seventh house represents partnerships, including marriage and business partnerships. With Mercury moving through Scorpio, it will help you resolve misunderstandings and conflicts that may have arisen with your partner in the past days.

On the contrary, individuals who have been postponing marriage, engagement, or expressing love to their partners will find this period conducive. Mercury’s transit in Scorpio allows them to move forward in these matters. Those involved in family businesses or partnerships will be able to manage their ventures with renewed energy and innovative ideas. However, adaptability to changing circumstances will be crucial.

Remedy: Donate books and educational materials to students and needy children.


Mercury rules your first and fourth houses and will be transiting Scorpio from January 2, 2024, entering your sixth house. The sixth house in the horoscope represents enemies, health, competition, and maternal relatives. With Mercury moving through Scorpio, it will provide relief from challenging situations. Those who have been struggling with a prolonged illness will see improvement in their health. Additionally, the health of your mother will remain optimal, and you will be able to find the right treatment for her.

Any disputes or misunderstandings with maternal relatives, especially uncles or aunts, will come to an end with Mercury’s direct motion. Unexpected expenses related to medical bills or household equipment, such as electrical appliances, that have been consistently occurring will now be under control. However, these expenses may not be completely eliminated during this period.

Gemini individuals involved in specialized discussions, banking, and addressing specific issues will find answers to their questions with Mercury moving in direct motion. Students who were distracted from their studies will regain focus and make progress in their education.

Remedy: Perform daily Tulsi (Basil) worship and light an oil lamp.


Mercury governs your third and twelfth houses and will be transiting your fifth house from January 2, 2024. The fifth house in the horoscope represents education, love life, and children, and it is also associated with past merits. With Mercury moving in direct motion through this house, students facing challenges in their education will find relief. Those planning to study abroad will overcome obstacles and move forward in their plans.

This period is particularly favourable for students engaged in research studies. Pregnant women belonging to the Cancer sign will experience a safer period during Mercury’s direct motion. However, it is advisable to remain cautious about health.

For Cancer women expecting a child, this time will be more secure compared to previous days. The transit of Mercury in the fifth house will also bring stability to your family and social life. If you have faced challenges in these areas recently, you will now be able to gain control.

Remedy: Chant the mantra ‘ॐ Namo Bhagwate Vashudevay’ 108 times daily.


Mercury rules your second and eleventh houses and will be transiting your fourth house from January 2, 2024. The fourth house in the horoscope represents home, domestic life, vehicles, and wealth. Mercury in Scorpio in your fourth house is considered beneficial for your financial situation, especially concerning matters related to home and property. This period will be favourable for buying a house or making investments according to your needs.

If you have been facing disputes or disagreements with family members, the transit of Mercury in your fourth house will bring resolution. Your communication skills will play a crucial role in resolving misunderstandings. The period of Mercury in Scorpio is also beneficial for addressing any miscommunications that may have arisen due to your communication style.

For those Leo individuals who have been facing challenges in social or business interactions, this period will work towards resolving those issues. Your business is likely to generate good profits during this time.

Remedy: Water the Tulsi plant daily and consume one Tulsi leaf every day.


Mercury rules your tenth and first houses and will be transiting your third house along with Scorpio from January 2, 2024. The third house in the horoscope represents siblings, interests, short journeys, and communication skills. The retrograde motion of Mercury during this time might bring some challenges related to health, disagreements with younger siblings or cousins, lack of energy, courage, willpower, and professional life.

However, as Mercury goes direct in Scorpio, you will find relief from these difficulties. Positive results will be experienced in all areas of life. For those Virgo individuals involved in travel blogging or any travel-related business, this period will be favourable for presenting their new ideas to the world, ideas they have discovered through hard work and research. People involved in communication fields such as media, consultancy, anchoring, or professional comedians will be effective in influencing the world through their work, thoughts, and research. Disagreements with father and teachers will also be resolved.

Remedy: For favourable results, Virgo individuals can wear a Panna (Emerald) gemstone of 5-6 carats on Wednesday in a gold or Panchdhatu ring.


Mercury rules your twelfth and ninth houses and will be transiting your second house along with Scorpio from January 2, 2024. The second house in the horoscope represents father, savings, and speech, and Mercury will be retrograding in Scorpio. This might bring mixed results for Libra individuals. There could be an increase in expenses, which might create challenges in managing savings. Therefore, it is advisable to be cautious with your finances, avoid hasty decisions related to significant financial matters, and refrain from unnecessary expenses.

On the positive side, if you have been planning long-distance or foreign travel, this period will be favourable for advancing those plans. However, careful financial planning is necessary to avoid going over budget. Libra individuals are advised to be mindful of their communication and speech during this time to prevent misunderstandings or conflicts. It is crucial to strike a balance between expressing thoughts and avoiding any offensive remarks.

For those who were facing challenges in their relationship with their in-laws, this period will bring relief, and the conflicts with the father and teacher figures will subside.

Remedy: Libra individuals can offer daily water to the Tulsi plant and consume one Tulsi leaf daily for favorable results.


Mercury is the lord of your eleventh and eighth houses, and it will be transiting Scorpio, including your Lagna (first house), starting from January 2, 2024. This transit of Mercury in Scorpio is expected to bring various favourable outcomes for Scorpio individuals. The retrograde motion of Mercury will contribute to financial gains, and your desires are likely to be fulfilled. Socially, you will be in the spotlight, and any on-going disputes or tensions with elder siblings, uncles, or aunts will be resolved.

As Mercury rules the eighth house, there may be transformations in your personality, and changes in communication style and sense of humour can make you more attractive. However, Scorpio individuals are advised to be cautious about their health especially related to skin infections, UTIs, and tantric practices. It is recommended to maintain control over anger during this period.

For those Scorpio individuals interested in occult sciences such as astrology, tarot reading, and numerology, this is a favourable time. The period encourages you to explore and deepen your knowledge in these areas.

Remedy: Offering books to students or needy children and providing assistance in their studies.


Mercury, the lord of your seventh and tenth houses, will be transiting Scorpio, including your twelfth house, from January 2, 2024. This transit indicates a relief in both personal and professional aspects of your life. However, some on-going challenges may not be completely resolved as Mercury transits your twelfth house, causing a reduction in its strength.

There is a possibility that your partner may face health-related issues during the retrograde period. Increased medical expenses are foreseen, so caution is advised. Professional challenges may persist, and you need to avoid taking unnecessary risks in business. Communication with seniors might be challenging during this time.
It is suggested that Sagittarius individuals share their thoughts and engage in open discussions with seniors to minimize any potential misunderstandings. Be cautious about financial transactions, and it is advised to avoid taking or giving loans during this period.

Remedy: During this time is to donate books to students or needy children and offer assistance in their studies.


Mercury, the ruler of your sixth and ninth houses, will be transiting Scorpio, including your eleventh house, from January 2, 2024. This transit brings relief and prosperity in various aspects of your life. The eleventh house represents gains, desires, elder siblings, and uncles in the birth chart. With Mercury transiting Scorpio, Capricorn individuals will experience a positive shift in their lives.

During this time, you are likely to receive support from family members, and as a result, financial matters will be favourable. If you had delayed any major financial decisions, now is a good time to reconsider them. Mercury’s retrograde phase in Scorpio will also help you overcome challenges with adversaries, leading to victory over your enemies. You will be able to tackle and overcome any issues that come your way.

If there were conflicts in your social life or with elder siblings or uncles, these conflicts are likely to be resolved during this period. Mercury’s retrograde motion may also bring improvements in the health of your father, and you will witness positive changes in his well-being.

Remedy: During this time, consider feeding green fodder to cows daily.


Mercury, the ruler of your fifth and eighth houses, will be transiting Scorpio, including your tenth house, from January 2, 2024. The tenth house in the birth chart represents profession and workplace. With Mercury transiting Scorpio, Aquarius individuals can expect relief from on-going challenges in their professional life. This period is favourable for those Aquarians who have recently graduated and are searching for internships or jobs to kick-start their careers.

During the retrograde phase of Mercury in Scorpio, individuals may witness sudden changes in their professional lives. This time is particularly beneficial for those working in fields such as astrology, research, data analysis, or data science. Aquarians can expect positive outcomes and happiness in their professional endeavours. It is advised to avoid making hasty decisions and to carefully analyse situations for positive results.

Remedy: During this time, consider installing a Mercury Yantra at home and in your workplace.


Mercury, the ruler of your seventh and fourth houses, will be transiting Scorpio, including your ninth house, from January 2, 2024. The ninth house in the birth chart represents spirituality, father, long-distance travel, pilgrimage, and luck. With Mercury transiting Scorpio, Pisces individuals can expect relief from on-going issues in their home and married life. Those who were facing conflicts with their mothers or partners can now experience resolution as these problems come to an end during this period. If there were health-related challenges for your mother or partner, the retrograde phase of Mercury in Scorpio will bring improvements in their health.

Financial constraints arising from home appliance repairs, vehicle damages, or family members’ health issues will now be under control. If there were conflicts or differences of opinion with your father or guru (teacher/mentor), those issues will also come to a resolution. The transit of Mercury in Scorpio suggests a spiritual and harmonious environment in the home, and there may be plans to perform religious practices such as puja and havan.

Pisces individuals may plan a pilgrimage or a journey to a religious place during this time. The atmosphere in your home will be conducive to maintaining a religious or spiritual atmosphere, and you may also plan to perform religious ceremonies at home. Business partnerships and relationships with your life partner will be supportive, enhancing your self-confidence in professional life. This period is favourable for making significant decisions.

Remedy: During this time, consider performing a puja for Lord Ganesha and offer Durva grass to him.