Marvels of the Black Energy

Marvels of the Black Energy

Black Energy – All colours are energies of different wavelength or frequency with unique properties. The Black Energy contained in the black colour has some unique features.

Black Energy

From physics point of view Black is not a colour rather absence of all colours. In general sense Black and White represents the opposites. A good example is the ‘Yin-Yang’ symbol which points to the balance of the opposite’s viz. Black and White or the negative and positive energies.

The Black Energy

A particular colour is the energy corresponding to a specific wavelength and unique characteristics and influences our physical, emotional as well as spiritual personality. The energy contained in the Black colour on the physical level creates holding energy. Emotionally it provides relief from many strong emotions. On the spiritual level the Black energy helps in delving into the depths of human mind.

In What ways you can benefit from the Black Energy?

(1) Save yourself from unwanted attention: In case you are not in a mood to interact with people and have to attend a gathering
then wearing black will help you in not getting noticed.

(2) Heal your Emotions: If and when you are emotionally hurt and look for fast relief then cover your body from head to toe with black clothing. At such times the black clothing will act as a ‘safe womb’ and heal your emotions quickly. Remember there is no place for a child as safe as a mother’s womb. So by wearing black you are in virtual womb of the compassionate Mother Nature and the healing process is accelerated.

(3)Cleaning your ‘Shadow-self’: By wearing black and surrounding yourself with black energy, you can clean up your shadow-self or the dark side of your personality if any.

(4) Enjoy Deep Meditation: If you cover your whole body as shown in the sketch with black cotton clothing you will be isolated from the distracting ‘Earth Currents’ and can enjoy deep meditation.


Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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