Some Malefic Yogas of Astrology

There are hundreds of Yogas or combinations in Vedic astrology which are either good or bad. Here are some bad Yogas.

Malefic Yogas

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Some Yogas which bring poverty or financial scarcity are called Dridrayogas. Basically association of the square and trine houses and the 2nd and 11th houses with the 8th or 12th house is likely to cause finance or prosperity related problems for the native.

MaleficYogas which are commonly found in birth charts and cause financial problems are described below:

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Kemudrum Yoga: Moon in a birth chart plays important role in overall prosperity or lack of it. Moon being a very unstable planet requires support of other planets. In case in a birth chart there are no planets excluding the Sun placed with the Moon or in houses next or previous to the house where Moon is placed then this malefic Yoga is formed. Presence of this Yoga in a birth chart may bring financial scarcity, problems or obstacles in material success in life.

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In all such cases the best remedy is to strengthen the Moon.

Shakata yoga: In Vedic astrology Moon and Jupiter are very important in deciding about the financial prosperity of the native,therefore if in a birth chart the natal Moon is placed in the 6th, 8th or 12th house with respect to Jupiter then this malefic Yoga is formed.

As a result of this Yoga the native may face financial problems, scarcity and lack of ease and comforts in life.

Dainiya yoga: If in a birth chart there is sign exchange between any benefic house and 3rd, 6th, 8th or 12th house then this malefic Yoga is formed. As a result of this Yoga the native may face lots of struggles and problems especially during the sub or main periods of the relevant planets.

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Paapkartari yoga: The name ‘Paapkartari’ consists of two words viz. ‘Paap’ which means a sin and ‘kartari’ which means a scissor or cutting instrument.

If in a birth chart any auspicious house or planet has malefic planets placed in the adjacent houses on its both sides then this malefic Yoga is formed. As a result of this Yoga the significations of the house or planet trapped in between malefic planets suffer.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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