Mahaluxmi Pooja

Goddess Mahalaxmi is the deity of wealth and fortune. Devotees perform this pooja in order to get the blessings including power, luxury, beauty, fertility, and auspiciousness. On the basis of Indian mythology Lord Krishna suggested the ritual fast and puja of Mahalaxmi in order to get health, wealth, prosperity, family and kingdom.


By performing this puja, devotees get rid of the hurdles coming in the life due to the effects of dim planets and evil rays. Along with this, worshippers can get rapid progress as well as can enhance his meetings with the powerful people to overcome from any court cases.

Mahalaxmi Pooja should be performed with rituals and customs after taking holy bath. This pooja consists of the lighting of diya, offering of flowers and Prasad. After completing this pooja, devotees should narrate Mahalaxmi Strota or Mahalaxmi Ashtottar Shatnamavali followed by the Aarti.

The mantra of Mahalaxmi Pooja:

Om shreem heem shreem kamle kamlalale praseed praseed,
Shreem heem shreem om mahalaxmi namah

Cost of this Pooja – Rs. 1500/-

Above mentioned cost includes the cost of following -:

1. Basic Material (Mahaluxmi Murti, Roli, Moli, Dhoop, Supari, Laung, Illaichi, Kapoor, Jau, Till, Batasha, Itra, Deepak,Panchmewa, Chawal, Janeyu, Pachranga, Rui baati)

2. Narial, Gola

3. Honey

4. Boora, Hawan Samagri, Navgrah Lakdi, Lakdi Sameedha, Desi Ghee

5. Red Cloth

6. Dauna, Kalash

7. Gangajal, Kevda Jal

8. Milk

9. Curd

Service Charges

1. Pooja Charges by Pandit ji

2. Material provided by Pandit ji (Hawan kund, aam ke patte, durwa tulsi etc.)

Note : 1. Above Material does not include Sweets, Fruits and Utensils. Customer has to arrange these items compulsory for the pooja.

2. Customer can also take this package without material but in that case you need to arrange all the items mentioned above.