Lucky Bamboo Plant Attracts Health, Wealth and Happiness

The lucky bamboo is one of the most popular FengShui item for home or office. Is it really a bamboo plant and does the number of stalks matter? Find answers to these and much more in this article.


It is in fact not a bamboo plant but as a FengShui item it is popularly known by this name. Botanically it is named as Dracaena Sanderiana and as per the science and art of FengShui it is reputed for attracting health, wealth and happiness.

Well you may believe it or not, but the fact is that greater the vibrations of love, care, respect and peace in the environment of the place where this plant is kept, longer this plant stays green and vibrant. Let FengShui Enhance Your Life

As a general rule it is believed that greater the number of stalks in a bunch greater the power it draws. Experts believe that specific number of stalks as per the following table determine the kind of benefits bestowed. Fengshui Tips – Eight Miraculous Tips of Fengshui

Table: Expected benefits corresponding to the number of stalks Of lucky bamboo plant.

Numbers of StalksExpected Benefits


Better luck and more expression of love among
Members living in the premises.


Increase in Happiness, Wealth and Longevity

5 or 7

Improved health

6 or 8

Plenty of Wealth


Increased general good Fortune


More Contentment in life.


Abundance of Health, wealth and happiness

Although a lucky bamboo bundle can be kept in a bowl of water yet in order to increase its auspiciousness include things representing the five elements viz. Wood, Water, Earth, Metal and Fire

The stalks of the plant itself represent the wood element. Stones placed in the bowl of water represent the earthand water elements respectively;if you tie a red ribbon with a coin it represents the Fire(red ribbon) and Metal(coin) elements respectively. This constitutes a complete FengShui based energy system and becomes highly auspicious.

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Place this plant wherever you wish to attract greater health, wealth and happiness!

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar