Love Sex and Vaastu

Love and sex are great gifts of God to suffering humanity and give solace, hope and reason for living even in difficult times. Take help of Vaastu principles to improve your intimate relations.


Can you imagine life without love and sex? The truth is that Love and Sex are inseparable from human life as are spices from food.

In general there is lot of confusion in understanding each of these, both are different, but people sometime confuse one for the other.

What is Love? …

Love is a positive force, a force which binds and sustains life. In the words of famous writer Paulo Coelho, “Love is a force that transforms and improves the soul of the world.”

True love is unconditional, unselfish and unbound.
An example of true love is the motherly love, love of a mother for her child. True love in all other relations is rare.

What is Sex?

Basically it is the provision of nature for propagation of life, a kind of force which attracts and lures members of opposite sex for sexual union in order to propagate the specie.
The force of attraction associated with sex must not be confused with that of true love.

But right kind of sex has even much higher purpose attached to it than just procreation. It can transform a person!

Sex and Vulgarity

Pure and natural form of sex when mixed with titillation or provocation becomes vulgarity such negative intentions greatly harm any society or culture.

Pure sex resulting as culmination of intimate love feelings between two life partners is spiritually uplifting and helps in uplifting their kundalini force whereas sensuality, vulgarity and titillation are harmful not only for the individuals but for the whole society.

I think this is the right place to clarify about the misunderstood intimate and sexual scenes depicted in ancient Indian temples and caves. At certain time the wise wanted to educate the masses about the right kind and right use of sex. So they depicted through carved images or paintings the scenes of wrong as well as right kind of sex in order to clarify the difference. And for such scenes the walls of temples were thought the best places as the priests of that time had great influence not only over common people but also over the rulers of that time.

So I request all foreigners visiting such temples to not to confuse these scenes with pure titillation and harm as caused by western sinful gift of pornography.

How can Vaastu Improve Your Sex Life? …

Sex carries an important role in marriage therefore sexual relations between life partners need care and improvement. The ancient sciences such as Vaastu and FengShui can greatly help in enhancing one’s sexual life.

For a married couple their bedroom is the main place where they can freely indulge in sexual acts. There is no doubt that a bed room for a married couple in the southeast can bring much heat into their sexual activity and give satisfaction to both the partners. But look at the negative side as well, this direction belongs to the Fire element and even a little matter can blow up and cause rift between the couple.

So a room in the southeast is good for only sexual activity, but not as a permanent bedroom for sleeping. You must avoid arguments with your partner and go to this room in the southeast only when you both have only sex on your minds and nothing else.

Your bed room for sleeping or resting can be in the southwest which is more stable direction for this purpose and your marital bond will strengthen.

A bedroom for newly married couple in the northwest direction adds air to their newly awakened sexual fires but does not give stability to marital relations. So the couple must not stay permanently in a bedroom in the northwest direction.

The environment in the bedroom must be conducive to relaxation and sexual activity. Avoid keeping all work related items such as computers, files and papers etc. in this room as these will distract your attention. It is good to hang pictures of young couples in romantic poses.

Place your bed not in line with the door, but the door should be visible from the bed. Use double bed but a single mattress. Using two mattresses can lead to differences and separation.

Avoid hanging pictures of Gods and Goddesses or family members in married couple’s bedroom; instead hang pictures of beautiful scenery or intimate scenes.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar