‘Leo Born’ Lionel Messi is the King of Soccer

Lionel Messi is an Argentine professional footballer who plays for Spanish club FC Barcelona and the Argentina national team. He is a forward and serves as captain for Argentina…


Soccer player Lionel Messi was born on June 24, 1987, in Rosario, Argentina. Since his ascendant lord Sun falls in its enemy Rahu’s constellation his growth was slow and he was diagnosed by doctors as suffering from a hormone deficiency that restricted his growth. His parents could not support the expensive hormone treatment which he needed.

He moved to Spain at the age of 13, after the FC Barcelona club agreed to pay for hormone-deficiency treatments.

Astrology behind Messi’s Superb Performance

Considering he is a forward football player planet Mars and Mercury, sign Aries and the 3rd, 10th, 11th and 12th houses of his birth chart play crucial role and decide about his skills and level of his performance. Let us analyse these in his birth chart as given below:


Mars: For his Birth Chart Mars being the lord of a square house (4th) and a trine house (9th) is a Yogakarak viz. a favourable planet. His Mars falls in the constellation Punarvasu of 5th lord Jupiter. So Mars not only establishes his connection with sports but also gives him spontaneity of action in playing football with full physical energy.

Mercury: The planet Mercury in his birth chart is placed in its own sign of Gemini in the house of achievements (11thhouse). His Mercury also falls in the constellation Punarvasu of Jupiter. Apart from other traits the constellation Punarvasu gives him a balanced mind which is necessary for winning a game like soccer.

The Sign Aries: In his birth chart the zodiac sign of Aries falls in his 9th house of luck and the planet governing Aries viz. Mars is placed in the 11th house of achievements. So this sign is very powerful for him.

The 3rd House: Venus the lord of the 3rd house is very well placed in the 10th house of profession in its own sign. Jupiter’s aspect on the 3rd house makes it stronger.

The 10th House: The 10th house of profession is occupied by exalted Moon and 3rd and 10th lord Venus. Due to the placement of Venus this house gains strength.

The 11th House: The 11th house of achievements gains strength due to the placement of its lord Mercury, ascendant lord the Sun and the 9th lord Mars.

The 12th House: The 12th house becomes strong as its lord the Moon is exalted in his house of profession.

Who says Retrograde Mercury is bad for all?

In May 2005 Messi put himself in the record books as the youngest player to ever score a goal for the franchise. That same year, he led Argentina to the title in the under-20 World Cup, scoring on a pair of penalty kicks to propel the team over Nigeria. In May 2005 he was running the sub-period of Mercury in the main period of Rahu.

We have already discussed the role of Mercury. Rahu in his chart represents Jupiter which also we have described above. For him Jupiter is the lord of the 5th house of sports so he was able to excel.

Venus and Jupiter are his Wealth Attracting Planets

It is because of the favourable role of Venus and Jupiter that he earns a net annual salary of 20 million euros ($27.4 million).