Know the Health Risking Planets in Your Birth Chart

In every birth chart there are certain planets which endanger health of the native during their main and sub-periods. Having this knowledge in advance can help us in taking timely precautions…


As per Vedic astrology the planets as described here are termed as the ‘death inflicting planets’ or ‘Marak Grehas’. The author of this article does not agree with this labeling. It has been observed in thousands of birth charts that such planets in most cases cause minor or major health problems or other dangers and not death.

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Can Death be predicted Through Astrology? …

No definitely not. No one can predict the exact time of death based upon astrological indications only. Yes, any spiritually evolved person who is with God’s grace gifted to access the ‘Akashik Record’ of that person can predict such occurring. But genuine people with such ability are rare indeed.

The main reason why death is not predictable through astrology is the fact that the life span can get reduced or extended with the Will of God for any person at any time.

Based upon the above facts, it is better to label all the planets as described here, as those during the periods of which one may suffer from health related problems only and not necessarily face death.

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Health Risking Planets in a Birth Chart …

• Planets which are lords of the 2nd and the 7th house in a birth chart.

• All malefic planets which are posited in the 2nd and the 7th houses or conjunct the lords of these two houses.

• Weak lords of the 3rd and the 8th house particularly when these are conjunct the 2nd and 7th lords.

• The lord of the 6th house of disease and difficulties.

• Any planet including the ascendant lord in a birth chart which is weak in astrological strength.

• The lord of the 8th house in a Birth Chart.

• Planets posited in the 8th house and those aspecting it.

• Any planet conjunct the 8th lord.

• Planet which is enemy of the 8th lord.

Predicting Time of Probable Health Dangers …

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Just watch the sub-periods (Antardashas) and the main periods (Mahadashas) of any of the above mentioned planets. Take extra health care and avoid taking other risks during such periods. It is always helpful if one takes expert advice much before such periods and follows any suggested remedial measure in order to propitiate afflicted planets.

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You need not get depressed and worry unnecessarily before or during such periods as these are only probabilities and not something which is definitely bound to happen. I have observed many cases in which nothing unfavorable happened even during such periods.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar