India’s Independence Chart has Kaalsarpa Yoga

Will India ever be freed of the curse of Kaalsarpa Yoga present in its Independence chart.


Even after a long wait of 69 years after the independence of India, it still does not show any signs of becoming a ‘truly welfare state’ for its masses.


Even now more than 60% of people in India are below the poverty line. What to talk of clean air and potable water, there are areas where people have to fight for getting a bucket of potable water. It hardly makes a difference which political party or conglomeration of parties rule India they just tactics of either blaming others or dirty games of dual politics etc.

Poor Living Standards

Living standards are just falling continuously due to fast inflation, pollution, problems like water logging, no system of garbage handling, third class roads, poor sanitation, use of harmful chemicals in food items, and no health care for the poor, too expansive medical treatment etc. etc. the list is endless.

It seems India is under some curse; let us look deeply into the Independence chart of India.

India is cursed by Kaalsarpa Yoga

The following astrological chart came into existence at the midnight hour of 15th August 1947 when India became free of British rule.

Kaalsarpa Yoga

The chart is imbalanced firstly due to presence of Kaalsarpa Yoga and secondly due to congregation of five planets in the 3rd house.

The name of this particular Yoga is ‘AnnantKaalsarpa Yoga’ as it is formed due to axis of Rahu and Ketu over the ascendant and 7th house.

Because of this type of Kaalsarpa Yoga the ordinary people have to struggle for so many things which in a welfare state the government is supposed to provide. The Rahu/Kretu axis falling over the ascendant and 7th house of the mundane chart of India clearly indicates the pathetic health care for the masses.

Rahu occupying the 1st house effects general state of Law and Order, public health and integrity of the governing party. Mars occupying the 2nd house indicates undue expanses, losses and ever increasing black money. Placement of five planets in the 3rd house creates imbalance as regard to matters of communications, relations with neighbouring countries etc.

Placement of Jupiter in the 6th house points towards political instability, poor public health, scams and lack of independence of Judiciary system.

The 3rd house represents business and its lord the Moon is well placed in its own viz. the 3rd house. Mercury is also lord of the 5th house of Stock market and entertainment industry and its placement in the 3rd house along with the Sun ensures governments support to big business houses.

The 3rd house owned by the Moon represents the masses, food supplies and women.
Placement of Saturn in the 3rd house reveals the exploitation of hard working masses. Strong 3rd house indicates flourishing enterprises in the country. Saturn placed in the 3rd house indicates that India is a country of hardworking people.

Current Astrological Position

India is running the main period of Rahu which will last till 7th July 2029. At present till 13th August 2016 it is running the sub-period of Jupiter in the main period of Rahu. From 14th August 2016 it will enter the sub-period of Saturn in the main period of Rahu. So conditions in general and political in particular are going to fall down further since Saturn also owns the 8th house.

Can India overcome its Curse?

Yes, India can come out of this curse if the character of people improves so that truly honest and dedicated persons rule this country. We need to focus on education. The first ten years in a school should focus only on character building through Yoga and other psychological methods so that honest and truly patriotic citizens are produced.

It is sad fact that nobody is focusing on character building education which is the only long term solution.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar