Importance of Gems in Astrology

Gems and Astrology are closely co-related to each other. Its practice in astrology is quite significant from ancient times as it is used to remove the malefic influence of planets and planetary weak approach.


With reference to Agni Purana, when Mahersi Ddhici’s bones were used as weapons against Vrittasur & tiny bone pieces were used as gems at that time. Practices of Gems in medical science are prominent from ancient times.Arish defects are to enhance the gems which are used for peace.

Everyone who has faith in Gems will be facing problems in terms of which gem to wear against a meticulous planet.

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We must keep in mind that every Gem stone should be worn according to the prevailing time and tenure. Purity of Gem stone should be maintained, as every gem have unique ability to marinate the rays of sun. They should be with worn in the prescribed fingers only.

Gemologist considers 84 gems as imperative. Amid these 9 Gems are important which do have their contributory (upratn).

Third types of gems are those which are used for prevention against diseases. Prominent among them are Star Ruby, Kidli stone, Sangemarian, sangeshab etc. Generally, gems comprised of four major qualities grooming, durability, rarity& optical effects.

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Before going for any gem stone, one should keep these things in mind:

. Gemstone should not have wide edges.

. Cracked gem stone should not be used.

. Proper shape and sized gems should be preferred.

For obtaining these properties, gemstone are dipped in chemical solutions to enrich their shine. One should go for the real gems color.

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In palmistry, each finger is linked with a distinct planet. Wearing the right gemstone in the required finger provides maximum benefit to the user.

The weight of gemstone should be of at least three whits. Weights of even or odd gems are sometime considered as auspicious. Weight of gem must be reduced if the planets are in a higher state.

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If the right gems are worn it will give you results which are worth the weight of gold (Mitti bhi Sona ban jati hain). The same thing applies to gems also, if the suitable gemstone is prescribed then sky is the limit.

So HURRY! And get your GEM to attain success and reach your goals.
Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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