How to place clocks according to architecture (vaastu)

How to place clocks according to architecture vaastu

Place clocks according to architecture vaastu – In each and every house there are clocks to know the time. These clocks can be kept on the table and also can be hanged on the wall. These days’ wall clocks are more prevalent. That is why; people hang them wherever they find it convenient for themselves.

place clocks according to architecture vaastu

If seen from the point of view of architecture (vaastu) then instructions have been laid in respect of the direction in which the clock has to be placed. If the clock is put on the wall as per architecture then it results in getting positive results. Putting the clock in wrong direction would certainly lead to wrong results. Here, you will be told about the direction in which the clock should be put. The reasons for the same are also being explained.

Apart from that, information is being also given about various clocks which will be extremely beneficial

* First of all, it is advised to put the clock inside the building, which reverberates positive sound waves like the pendulum clocks which produces sound every hour or pendulum-time wall clock. These clocks also play an important role in spreading life energy in the building by its very sound. But in architecture, it is suggested that the wall clock should neither be placed on a wall in the south direction of the building nor should it be hanged over a door. Better would be that this should be placed either on a wall in the east, west or north direction so that it is convenient to look at them while working.

While sleeping

While sleeping, the pillow should be kept in the south direction. If the clock is placed on the wall in the south direction then it would not be in front of the face but behind the head and it would be difficult to see the time.

* It has been emphasised that electric and electronic equipment should be sparingly used in the bedroom. So, if the wall clock can remain as far as possible, especially from the head, brain etc., it would be better. Bedroom is the place where maximum time is spent. If the head is kept in the south direction, then the wall clock should be placed on the wall in the north direction only.

* If there is a necessity of having a second option of keeping the pillow either in the east or west direction then in both situations it is still better to not have the clock near the head or behind it but should be kept little away only. Apart from the above, by keeping the clock in the south direction, the architectural impact of south direction also comes into effect. It is suggested in architecture that for doing whatever auspicious activity in our life our face should be either in the east or northern directions. The third option is west direction.

* Let us consider this view point that whenever we wake up, start some work, wait for someone or are ready to go some where then first of all our mind is towards the time and to know the time we look at the wall clock or table clock. Let us think that while starting any work we are going to look in the south direction then instead of the positive energy from the east and northern direction, we would be receive the energy of the south direction and most probably, the result of that work may not be in our interest. Therefore, in all situations, it may not be beneficial for us to use the clock on the wall in south direction.

Wall Clocks or Means

* In respect of wall clocks or means of telling time like calendar, let us always remember that the clocks used inside the building should always remain in working condition and as and when their battery or cells wear out and the clock stops then we should immediately put in new battery and restart the clock. No clock should be in non-working condition. Stopped clocks should be immediately got repaired or may be removed.

* No clock should be behind real time, but if possible, they should be one-two minutes ahead of correct time so that there is no possibility of being late.

* The glass of the clock should be intact and never cracked or broken.

* The time to time, the clock should be cleaned.

* Time telling clocks have got linked with our lives in such a way that they can not be separated from us at all. This is also true that if, as per architecture (vaastu), we put them in the wrong direction then their impact would be adverse only. The right work, done at the right time and at the right place will always give correct results. One should look at the clocks from this point of view only. You should also see whether the clocks in your room are as per vaastu or not. If no, then without delay put the clock as explained above and derive maximum benefit.

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