How to Deal with Difficult Boss?

A leader is admired whereas a Boss is feared. So why not work hard to be a leader yourself and defeat a difficult boss?

The information and suggestions given here about How to Deal with Difficult Boss will equip you better to deal with a difficult boss.

Keep Doing your best Work

Generally under difficult boss workers tend to slow down or lose interest in their work. Such an attitude in the long run goes against them as the boss gets more reasons to blame them. So keep doing your best work. Take more interest in your assigned work. So even in situations when there is no motivations or appreciation of your work do the best you can. Your aim should be to keep your job and earn a good reputation through your quality work. At the end of the day it is only your work which counts.

Do what is required

In Sir Winston Churchill’s words, “Sometimes doing your best is not enough. Sometimes you must do what is required”

This is very true and you must try to read your boss’s mind to anticipate what he wants. So once you understand your boss and learn to anticipate his requirements you will learn to rule your boss’s heart. It could be a weekly or monthly report which he requires so do that in time.

Use Tact to Convey your Point

Tact is an ability to convey your concern without causing any harm to the relation. The great Sir Winston Churchill put it realistically, “Tact is the ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip”

So use tact to convey in an easy and pleasant way your point of view to your boss. Tell your boss that you respect him more when he appreciates your work and your way of working.

Show your Appreciation

Observe the good qualities of your boss and tell him or her that you appreciate those good qualities.

How to Deal with Difficult Boss, Astrologically?

Let us see how astrology can help you in such situation. If you have your accurate birth data then get your horoscope made as per Vedic astrology principles.

Analysing the Birth Chart

In your birth chart the ascendant and its governing planet represent your core personality. The 10th house represents your profession. Your boss is represented by the 9th house and its lord.

See the mutual placement of the ascendant lord and the 9th lord. In case these are placed in 2/12 positions with respect to each other then you can predict probability of cold relationship full of indifference and discord with your boss.

In case these lord planets are placed at 6/8 positions with respect to each other then you can predict probability of disparity and war of words with your boss.

Analysing the D/10 Chart

For career or profession related indications the D/10 Divisional Chart also known as the ‘Dashmansh Kundali’ needs to be analysed.

Only after analysing the Birth Chart or (Lagan Kundali) observe the indications of the D/10 chart:

The strength and favourable placement of the ascendant lord and the 10th house lord of the D/10 chart indicate probability of success, satisfaction and progress in profession.

The placement or association of the 3rd and 10th lords of the birth chart in the 3rd, 6th, 9th or 12th houses in the D/10 chart is auspicious for native’s profession.

Placement of the ascendant lord of the birth chart in the ascendant of the D/10 chart indicates recognition of one’s work and good reputation of the native with his or her boss.

A strong and well placed Sun and Mars in the birth chart as well as in the D/10 chart give recognition of work and good reputation with seniors and own boss.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar