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Sagittarius 2016 Horoscope Moon Sign

This year will be better than the last year comparatively. The Saturn will be placed in the twelfth house for almost the entire year because of this there will be ill-effects like the last year but Jupiter with its auspicious support will keep things under control. BY the year end Jupiter would move to the auspicious eleventh house which will be favorable for you. Rahu and Ketu will be placed in the ninth and third house respectively which will bring auspicious results for you. And auspiciously placed Sun, Mercury and Venus will improve things for you. The combination of Saturn and Mars in the twelfth house may become the cause for accidents and expenditure as well.

From health perspective this will be a better year comparatively. The beginning of the year can pose some health threats for you however; the end of the year will be good for you. The ailments which have been there in the last year may get stretched in to the first part of this year as well.

From financial angle this year is going to be more favorable and result bearing for you. There are chances of increase in income for you. Besides this you are likely to invest in real estate. You are most likely to purchase land, building and vehicles. If you try you are likely to get the success.

For people who are employed or in service is likely to have this one as a good year. Since the planetary position are working very well to your advantage you are likely to have favorable environment at work and will continuously get recognized for your excellence. If you have been waiting for the good news relating to promotion you are most likely to get the same this year. You will have good relationship with people in power and authority. You are likely to get rewarded and recognized as well.

From business angle this year will be a result bearing year for you. Besides having opportunities for business expansion you will have better profit margins and increased profits as well. You will be able to overcome last year’s loss which happened as a result of slowdown.You will have new partners who will bring fresh investment in to your business.

This is favorable year from social or family angle. You will have the opportunities of organizing some auspicious events at home. People who are in the marriageable age is likely to hear some good news about their marriage. You are likely to get more active with religious activities. You will have enhanced recognition in the society.

This is a going to be an average year for the students. Your studies may get impacted because of the bad habits and you can fall in the company of some bad elements. As far as competitive exams are concerned this is a favorable year for you in terms of getting results.

Some Remedies to overcome the problems

1. Wear gemstones like ruby, red coral and yellow sapphire or there alternatives.

2. You need to wear Rudraksh which has three, seven andeight mouthed opening.

3. You need to chant daily the following mantra’s “OM AangAngaarkaynamah,”, “OM sham Shaneshcharayenamah”, OM Rah Rahveynamah.

4. You should recite the Mahamritunjay mantra as well.

5. Worship Lord Hanuman and Shiva.

6. You should offer water to the pepal tree everday. And on Saturday you should light an oil lamp there.

7. You should feed the ants and pigeon.

8. You should have a spiritual guru and should definitely get blessed by them.