1. Lie flat on your back with legs and feet together, arms at the sides, closed and placed beside the thighs.

2. Keeping your legs straight, inhale slowly, and raise your legs to 30, 60 and 90, pausing at each stage. While exhaling push your legs further over and above the head and then beyond, so that they touch the floor (without bending the knees).

3. Stretch your legs as far as possible so that your chin presses tightly against the chest. Then raise your hands and try to hold the toes. Retain the pose from 10 seconds to three minutes. Breathe normally.

4. While exhaling, return to the standing position. Slowly go through the process in the reverse order.

Benefits & Precautions:

Hernia, high blood pressure, ulcer, heart, backache and cervical spondylysis patients should avoid this asana. This asana improves digestion and strengthens the spine. It helps in asthma, diabetes, menstrual disorder and constipation. The hala-asana should not be performed by woman who are menstruating, as is the case with all inverted postures (where the legs are raise over the head).